Golfing Beginners: Where To Begin In The Search For A New Golf Club?

Golfing Beginners: Where To Begin In The Search For A New Golf Club?

If you’re looking to start out in golf, then the process of starting out can be a bit tricky. There’re many purchases to make, and there’s much to lea

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If you’re looking to start out in golf, then the process of starting out can be a bit tricky. There’re many purchases to make, and there’s much to learn also.

Still, golf experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, so you’re not alone in seeing the appeal of such a calming sport after a turbulent year. Contrary to popular belief, there’s something for everyone here, an almost meditative experience that really soothes the soul and helps players to channel positive energy. Surrounded by rolling fields and towering trees, the natural environment lends a lot to the peaceful experience too.

We asked the experts at My Golf Travel what equipment is needed to get started and what makes a good club. If you’re an aspiring golfer-to-be, then keep reading to find out what you should look for in your new golf club.

Research Woods Clubs

Ironically, ‘wood’ golf clubs are not made from the material at all. Instead, they are comprised from an amalgamation of titanium and carbon fibre.

Still, woods clubs were once made from wood, hence the namesake. They have a long and storied history in being the staple of the sport, and to wield one is a true privilege. The woods clubs will be one of two varieties that you will likely end up using the most on the course, so you need to feel at home with yours.

However, while their materials have changed through the years, their purpose on the course has not. Long distance shots are the woods club’s forte, boasting longer shafts and larger heads in their usage. The balls receive a better whack from a strong swing here, launching them further afield. For covering a great deal of distance in a single swing, the woods clubs are what you likely need.

There are varieties of woods clubs that you will need to have to hand. The driver is used to swipe the ball when its neatly atop the tee, while the aptly named fairway woods are for the fairway shots, which take place on mown lawn areas of the course that are without the aid of the tee. Ultimately, this is why it’s so important to have a golf bag at your disposal, as there really is a club for seemingly every possible occasion while at play.

Look into Irons Clubs

Irons golf clubs followed a similar trajectory to their woods counterparts, in that they are no longer assembled from wood as well. Ironically, they’re also mostly not made from iron, either, though exceptions are occasionally made for the heads of the club. It’s rather confusing, hence why you need a guide on these matters.

The irons of a lighter weight tend to be more favourable among seasoned golfers, constructed out of graphite rather than steel, though the latter can work its wonders well too. Compared to woods clubs, the shafts on irons are notably shorter and the heads are markedly smaller, making them ideal for use when you’re at least 200 yards away from the green.

Once again, you will need something of a set here, as the irons are divided into three tiers on size and usage: long irons, mid-irons, and short irons. Longer irons are used to hit the ball further afield with a shorter loft, while short irons are effective in producing a higher loft from the swing. Secure a healthy range of them, and you can refine your swing more acutely as you go.

Scottsdale supply golfers with an exceptionally fine range of TaylorMade irons steel, boasting reasonable prices and incredibly efficient delivery times. From their product descriptions, you can ascertain detailed breakdowns from dexterity, loft, lie, length, grip type and size, and more. No stone is left unturned here, ensuring you have the irons that are best suited to you. Scottsdale have a concentrated influx of positive reviews on their products too, which aren’t just confined to irons – bags, balls, trolleys, shoes and more can also be found from them. Everything you need for your golfing escapade can be found here.

Consider Wedges and Putters

The two main clubs that will take up the bulk of your play have been covered, but it’s important to acknowledge that golf requires the use of multiple clubs of many different varieties. They all serve different functions depending on the situation occurring on the course.

You’re looking to add an asset to your arsenal, rather than buying a piece of equipment that fixes ‘every’ golfing problem you’re experiencing. Even if you’re just shopping for one new club, you need to pay heed to the specific purpose it was designed for. It’s not like buying a perfect football or the right rounders bat, so you’ll need to understand how the game is played and how the club effects things like swing power and distance.

There’s a lot of science and technique behind the perfect golf swing, but much of what it all comes down to is simply the type of club you’re using. A few examples can be found below:

  • Sand wedge: Clubs used for digging the ball out of sand pits. They’re often versatile enough to free the ball from other softer hazards found on the course too.
  • Gap wedge: The instrument used for hitting a shot with higher and shorter trajectories, middling its results between a sand wedge and pitching wedge.
  • Pitching wedge: Used for lower but longer trajectory shots than the gap wedge.
  • Lob wedge: Typically used for chipping the ball over taller obstacles at close range, such as bushes and trees.
  • Putters: Used for the final handful of gentle strokes, seeing the ball from the green to the hole.

There are more variations of golf club still, so do your research to figure out precisely what you need. It might be you have some of what you need, but not quite all. The more versatile you are in your equipment ownership and usage, the more you can customise your game and fine tune your golfing skillset.

Consult a Range of Experts

Golf clubs are a piece of equipment to help you play your best game. However, those two all-important words may also refer to the tight-knit community that forms around the game.

If you’re in any doubt over which golf equipment you should purchase, it might be a good idea to consult any friends or peers of yours who frequent the local course as well. Whether they have a wealth of experience under their belts or a few games only, all input is useful here. Which clubs worked for them? Where did they find the best deals and prices?

Of course, in the age of the internet, you now have instant access to online golf forums, or you can simply browse the content from the sport’s most renowned influencers on a plethora of websites. Answers are available on-demand. Professionals in the game have their own set of opinions on all matters concerning golf also, so probing those and unearthing some form of consensus is always a great idea. Cast your net wide and draw in a wide range of opinions and interrogate it all to see which bits of advice strike you best.

Test them out

Now is the perfect time to book yourself a golf break in the UK so you can practise with your new clubs.

There are plenty of fantastic golf courses to choose from across the UK, whether you prefer links courses by the sea or parkland courses set in stunning countryside. You could head to Scotland, home of some of the world’s most famous courses like St Andrews and Muirfield, or explore the scenic courses in the Lake District or the Cotswolds. With many hotels and resorts offering golf packages, you can combine your love of golf with a relaxing stay in beautiful surroundings. So why not take advantage of the current quieter travel period and book your golf break now?