Five Eco-friendly Ways to Secure Your Home

Five Eco-friendly Ways to Secure Your Home

Home security is a major concern for every family and homeowner. While many traditional devices and systems are somewhat effective, they were made or

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Home security is a major concern for every family and homeowner. While many traditional devices and systems are somewhat effective, they were made or employed with little or no consideration for the environment.

Energy-draining security cameras, excess lighting, windows with poor insulation—these are some of the home security measures that end up doing more harm than good. Apart from their negative impacts on the environment, they also push up your energy bills.

Recent technology has made it possible for people to minimise the energy consumption of their home security systems. If you are looking to secure your home while still making sure your security measures are environment friendly, here are five home security tips you can adopt.

Patronise Security System Providers that Use Recycled Materials

Security companies are waking up to the eco-movement and are gradually turning to recycled materials for making hardware like locks, keys, and electronic security components for home monitoring that can be installed by Prime Alert Locksmiths London or KC Worthing Locksmiths. Using recycled materials means the amount of waste that goes into landfills reduces. By patronising these eco-friendly security companies, you are indirectly saving the earth.

 Use Motion Detector Outdoor Lighting

Most people use outdoor lighting like floodlights to repel intruders at night. While that may be effective, such lighting is energy-inefficient.

Alternatively, lights that make use of motion detectors don’t only offer security but also have many advantages over regular floodlights.

  • They only come on when they detect motion. This means they save energy.
  • By coming on suddenly, they startle intruders—which is a more powerful way of repelling them.
  • When you return home at night, they come on and light your way.
  • There are even motion detector lights that are solar-powered. This removes any energy investment on your part.

Smarten Up Your Home’s Lighting

With the internet of things gradually developing and with the many options out there for smartening up your home’s lighting, you can now make your home more energy efficient and still get the required security when you are away.

With a smart home, you can automate your lights to go on and off at your designated time when you are away, especially on a long trip. That way, you give potential intruders the impression that you are at home without having to leave the lights on throughout your travel.

Power Your Home Security System with the Sun

Some security companies now offer solar-powered home security gadgets like alarm and CCTV home security cameras. You can even arrange to power your security gadgets using your own solar power.

Install Windows with Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows are harder to break than ones with single glazing. And not only do they improve your home’s security; they also offer efficient thermal insulation. This means you get to save on energy while still protecting your home from burglars.

As the years go by, more and more eco-friendly home security systems and methods are bound to enter the market. The least you can do, as someone who cares about the safety of the earth as much as that of their home, is to adopt such systems and techniques as they launch. That way, you set eco-friendly examples for others to follow.