The world has not been the same since the first recorded case of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry and sector, including the education sector, has

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The world has not been the same since the first recorded case of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry and sector, including the education sector, has been impacted in some way. Schools in the UK were forced to shut down after the prime minister’s announcement that resulted from the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

While the government is doing its best to ensure that life can begin to return to normal by easing the lockdown directives, there is hope that it will not be too long before schools can resume their normal activities. However, several measures, including social distancing, are very likely to be enforced to ensure safety.


Although reports indicate that COVID-19 is not airborne, they also indicate that the virus can be transmitted through the droplets that are released through speaking, sneezing, or coughing by a person that is infected. Since these droplets are too large and heavy to remain in the air, they fall onto surfaces and floors. This exposes people who later come in contact with those surfaces to the infection if they transport these droplets to their mucus membranes.

As a result, schools will need to enforce several hygienic measures such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, ensuring a consistent hand washing routine within its premises, enforcing that everyone wears a face covering, and implementing the social distancing rules. Furthermore, schools will also need to ensure that everyone that comes inside their premises are tested for COVID-19.


Social distancing in schools will demand that there is consistent and safe space between individual students and staff. This implies that everyone within the school premises must sit or stand further apart in classrooms, at lunchtime, and in queues. However, Smart-space, a leading temporary building supplier in the UK with vast experience in the educational sector, believes that schools will need to expand their classrooms and offices. The company sees this as an effective way for schools to be able to accommodate students and staff while maintaining social distancing. Navigate here to learn more.

One government suggested a measure that demands additional built space such as libraries and community centres in schools to ensure social distancing. Schools, like many other industries, cannot afford the luxury of demolishing and constructing a new building using traditional methods. Why? For starters, they are expensive and are permanent.

Secondly, a traditional expansion would require a lot of time. However, thanks to modular technology, schools can collaborate with leading temporary building suppliers like Smart-space to expand their facilities in no time. Alternatively, they can rent temporary classroom structures from these companies.

Smart spaces built-on-site classrooms can be the solution that the government craves to ensure the safety of students and school employees. Their highly sophisticated technology allows the installation of these buildings in enclosed or hard to access spaces. If you have urgent space needs, Smart-space is just a call away as they are armed with the skillsets and technology required to meet those needs. With its skilled and experienced workforce, Smart-space can help implement your school space expansion for social distancing possible in no time.