E-cigarettes: 3 reasons why

E-cigarettes: 3 reasons why

Human beings are biologically prone to be scared of new things. This is why generally it is easier to keep doing something, than to stop. The same app

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Human beings are biologically prone to be scared of new things. This is why generally it is easier to keep doing something, than to stop. The same applies to smoking. It is not only the addiction to nicotine that makes it so hard, it is also the thought of abandoning a habit we grew fond of.

Not only it can be difficult to stop doing something that we are used to do. It is also hard to go for a change sometimes. If you are a smoker, that could be the reason why maybe you are still reluctant to the idea of buying an electronic cigarette, although it is less unhealthy than the normal one. For those who are not afraid of changing, they can find the e-liquid and the e-cigarette they prefer in many stores and online shops.

If you are still not convinced but you would like to learn more about the topic, keep reading to discover why e-cigarettes might be worth trying.

Smell and smoke

Have you ever felt uneasy because the lady at the bus stop keeps stepping away from you while you lighten up a cigarette? Or, have you ever noticed the disgusted faces of your relatives when you give them a hug and just smoked a fag?

The smell is one of the worst aspects of smoking. Maybe you do not notice that so intensively anymore, but people around you still can, and even if you are a smoker, you are likely to hate the pungent scent on your hair or your clothes, not to speak of furniture and house walls.

E-cigarettes do not emit the same odour and it does not stay as long on you like a normal cigarette. Since the inhaling happens without combustion, there is no smoke. The atomizer inside of the device produces nothing more than vapour warming up the e-liquid, so that you can smell only a delicate trace coming out of the device.

Furthermore, since there are different liquid flavours, you can influence it by choosing one that does not annoy people around you.

Variety of liquids

The variety offered by the e-cig, is the second big advantage of this new trend. Normal cigarettes slightly change something in their flavours depending on the brand, but at the very end, a cigarette is just a cigarette.

This is no longer the case with the electronic counterpart. In fact, there are more than 7.000 different e-liquid flavours out there. Of course, nobody needs so much variety, but it might be nice to switch between a couple of them according to how you feel in the moment or according to what you have been eating.

Of course, if you like it more classic, there are also tobacco-based tastes in different blends. But if you are open enough you can also discover flavours that you would never even have dreamed to find in a cigarette.

At the moment, one of the most popular trend is Bubble-Gum, which reminds people of the iconic flavour of Big-Bubble. If you like sweet things, you might be interested in tastes like lemon cake, Stracciatella or Panettone. If you prefer going for something fresh instead, it could be worth trying something out of the fruity assortment, like for example red jam, white melon or strawberry cream.

The best part of it is that you just need one vaping device to try all the different types. In fact, you can simply replace the e-liquid using always the same rechargeable device. An additional plus to this is that vaping is more environmentally friendly than smoking since you do not have a disposable part to get rid of every time.

A more personal touch can be added also by choosing the device itself. The most popular models at the moment are vaping pens and mods.

Less unhealthy

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of the electronic cigarette over the classic one is, that it is way less unhealthy.

Of course, if you have never been a smoker, you still should not start, since vaping is not the best thing you can do for your health. But if you are a smoker and you are looking for a lighter option, and maybe for a way to make the first step to quit, the electronic cigarette could be a better option.

As it was explained above, the electronic cigarette does not burn, it simply warms up the liquid inside, and this process is less harmful to your health. In fact, during the combustion, a lot of chemicals contained in the paper, and in the tobacco itself, are released, with a consequently worst impact on our health.

In this article we saw the main advantages that the electronic cigarette has over the normal one. If you grew curious and you are now ready to try, and you are looking for high-quality liquids along with e-cigarettes, you can visit the website of the famous online shop Terpy. With its great assortment of tobacco, bakery and fruity tastes, you will surely find the one that better suits you.