CV Writing Must-Haves To Nail A Job As A Real Estate Agent

CV Writing Must-Haves To Nail A Job As A Real Estate Agent

The inherent characteristics of being a real estate agent make this profession an enticing career choice. Many are attracted by the unlimited income p

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The inherent characteristics of being a real estate agent make this profession an enticing career choice. Many are attracted by the unlimited income potential offered by job. Others appreciate the opportunity to work part-time and generate significant proceeds as an additional income stream. However, to succeed in this highly competitive sector, it is important to take full advantage of every factor that will pull you ahead of the crowd, starting with the CV.

Crafting a compelling CV is incredibly important, even for professionals who have been operating in the real estate sector for years. Your resume is a representation of your work achievements as well as your personality and life aspirations. It must be succinct enough to not overwhelm the reader while also showcasing all relevant information fully.

Also, it is strongly recommended to create a specific CV for each chosen position. Turning to a CV writing expert could prove to be extremely beneficial in this situation. The specialist writer will ensure that no valuable information gets neglected or overlooked. They will also deliver a CV that meets all modern requirements, including being ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly.

Is Real Estate For You?

Before you jump in and start pursuing a career in real estate, it is paramount to have the full picture of what you could realistically expect. While it is true that the upside potential is tremendous, most real estate agents work on a commission-only basis. In essence, if you are unable to close any deals, you can go weeks or even months without seeing any return from your real estate endevours.

It is also highly unlikely to have repeat customers as a real estate agent, meaning that you will always be looking out for new prospective clients. Finally, a significant part of being a sales agent or broker is taken up by administrative tasks. You will need to handle various legal documents that must be extremely precise and accurate while also coordinating events for multiple listings and involved parties.

Start Your CV the Right Way

For your CV to leave an immediate impression, lead with a summary of all your accumulated experience and achievements in the sector. Having such a dedicated space for this information at the very top of the resume allows recruiters to easily locate the most relevant details they are looking for. Make sure that you have included the total number of years you have worked as a real estate agent, as well as all notable professional achievements.

Try to find relevant statistics or other quantifiable aspects of your career so far that can set you apart from other applicants. These may include the average days on the market of the homes you have successfully sold or the ratio between their listing price and the final sale price you have managed to negotiate. If you excel at closing deals, display it prominently by comparing your transaction count to the current average.

Lack Of Experience Shouldn’t Stop You

Everyone has had to start from somewhere, so don’t let the lack of previous experience stop you from entering the field. However, your CV or resume should be adjusted accordingly. The CV must do a good job of creating a solid representation of your current skills, achievements, and aspirations for being a real estate agent. Format the CV in a way that emphasizes the skills you’ve acquired while earning your real estate license.

Let your enthusiasm shine through the CV. State why you are excited to work as a real estate agent and what you personally consider to be the most appealing aspect of the job. Do your research about the company and familiarize yourself with its values, mission, and general goals. Use this knowledge to prove that you are not only a perfect fit for the specific position but that you will integrate seamlessly into the company culture and work environment.

Highlight Any Applicable Experience

Don’t be reluctant to talk about or list previous jobs that have required skills similar to those needed of a real estate agent, even if it is not a complete fit. For example, if you have worked in sales in the past, share specifics about your contributions. Ideally, you would want to include concrete numbers instead of simply saying that you have helped increase the overall sales at your previous workplace. It may also be a good idea to mention your strong ties to the local area where the chosen company conducts most of its business.