Brits Can Now Book A-Listers on Airtasker to Style Their Home

Brits Can Now Book A-Listers on Airtasker to Style Their Home

You can now book celebrity home makeover experts, The Style Sisters on Airtasker to help with cost-of-living crisis 43% Brits won’t move over n

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  • You can now book celebrity home makeover experts, The Style Sisters on Airtasker to help with cost-of-living crisis
  • 43% Brits won’t move over next five years due to property prices rocketing
  • 63% of Brits plan home makeovers over next year

With 43% of Brits revealing they won’t be moving homes in the next five years due to rents and mortgage rates rising – local services marketplace Airtasker, has teamed up with celebrity style, detox, and home organisers, The Style Sisters, to help Brits make the most of their homes by loving them at a time when listing them isn’t an option. You can now book the sisters for a 30-minute session to give your home a splash of affordable A-list glamour.

This follows new research commissioned by Airtasker which reveals 38% of Brits are feeling trapped in their homes as it’s too expensive to move, so 68% are shifting towards making affordable home improvements over the next year instead.

Amanda Holden, Rochelle Humes, Mark Wright along with Vogue and Spencer Williams are just a few celebs who task The Style Sisters to transform their homes regularly – and now for the first time will be available for virtual appointments and home visits exclusively on Airtasker in July.

The top home improvements Brits will be making over the next year include 54% painting and decorating, 39% decluttering, 38% DIY, 31% cleaning outdoors / gardening and 28% landscaping.

Whether you’re looking for tips to add value to your property; decluttering and storage solutions for a growing family; or inspiration for upcycling – the sisters will offer advice to get the best out of your home.

Top 10 Tasks Brits Want as Makeovers in 2023:

Category % of Brits wanting this task done Average cost on Airtasker 2023 
1. Painting and decorating 54% £304
2. Decluttering 39% £175
3. DIY around the home 38% £94
4. Cleaning outdoor space/garden 31% £164
5. Landscape gardening / cleaning up your garden 28% £580
6. Cleaning 28% £150
7. Laying new flooring 25% £310
8. Storage/wardrobe organization 24% £180
9. Sorting and selling clothes/furniture 24% £205
10. Painting the front of the house 16% £304


Tim Fung, Co-founder and CEO of Airtasker, says: “This spring we’ve seen a rise in Brits using Airtasker to book Taskers for home improvements. Prices have dropped by 33% as on the flipside, there has been a 216% increase in Tasker sign ups as people want to earn extra cash given the current macroeconomic conditions. This has created a cost-of-living eco-system, which connects the community to meet all budgets.

“With people planning summer spruce ups, we wanted to show what can be achieved by working with The Style Sisters who will share secrets of how Brits can still get a luxury look for less”.

When asked if people would pay to have a skilled worker do up their home, one in four 18- to 24-year-olds said they already pay for help, which suggests they don’t have the time or skills but do have disposable income compared with other age groups.

“This is the first time we have been able to work with people on this scale, so we’re looking forward to helping locals and making people feel proud of their homes” says Charlotte Reddington from The Style Sisters.


Gemma Lilly continues: “We would love to hear about what challenges people are facing in their homes, what areas they would like to rework and their aims so we can give the best advice”.

 How to book the Style Sisters:

  1. Post a task with ‘#StyleSisters’ in the task description
  1. In the message detail:

– The reason you need help e.g. recently separated, can’t afford to move

– What room / area you need advice on e.g. living area is dark, no character

– What you would like to achieve e.g. more space for the kids

  1. Add a photo of room / area for consideration
  2. The Style Sisters will review all tasks and select the successful customers to work with

*Posters will be sent a coupon to cover the task budget

*Limited sessions available and will take place on 10th July 2023

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