The Best Party Ideas for Your 40th

The Best Party Ideas for Your 40th

Yes, it’s happened, you’ve suddenly reached the age of 40! The mirror shows you’re slightly balding, and you, girl, have some smiley wrinkles and a li

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Yes, it’s happened, you’ve suddenly reached the age of 40! The mirror shows you’re slightly balding, and you, girl, have some smiley wrinkles and a little extra weight around the hips. Where did the time go?

Turning 40 should be properly celebrated. You’re still young enough to party with the best of them but old enough to know that the best events take careful organisation. Dakota Murphey, independent content writer has put together 5 great 40th birthday party ideas that will mark your special day in style.

Comedy Night

Plan a comedy night and invite your family and close friends. Book a private party at a small comedy club and have a comedian (or two) entertain you for the evening or at lunchtime. (If your budget is tight, hold the party at home.) A caterer could provide a finger lunch or a sit-down dinner after the show.

Share a few stories about yourself, or some of guests, with the comedian, so he or she can work these into their act. They could then invite one or two people on stage, share some funny incidents and play the fool with them, to everyone’s amusement.

Arabian Nights

How about splashing out on a decadent Arabian Nights party? Hire an Arabian tent and have it installed in your garden at home. With colourful Moroccan décor, large comfy cushions scattered on the carpeted floor and sumptuous Arabian food, your party is bound to be a big hit!

Drapes, curtains and eye-catching textured fabrics create a stunning interior. Why not hire a percussion band for some traditional sounds – your guests could even have a turn on the drums. And after dinner, why not let a bevy of beautiful belly dancers entertain and add sparkle and glamour to your evening.


Foodies Party

For something really special, and rather unusual, why not plan a gourmet foodie party. Here’s what we suggest: Once you know how many people will be attending, book a private room or space in three different restaurants who all prepare gourmet food. Now, hire an old-fashioned double-decker bus, or a few mini-buses to transport your guests from one central point to the restaurants. (Note: Try to select restaurants that are not more than around a 20-minute drive from each other.)

At the first one, you’ll enjoy a fabulous starter accompanied by champagne. Then it’s back on the bus, where a barman can serve a variety of cocktails, and off to the second restaurant for a perfectly-cooked main course, accompanied by some fine wines. Board the bus again and trundle to the third restaurant for a mouth-watering dessert and a glass of tawny port, or a liqueur and some cheese. Then it’s time to drop everyone off and stagger into bed!

A Country Party

Invite your guests to join you in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside – a grand country house, or even a glamping site where you can all have a great time. Caterers can be hired to provide a delicious summertime lunch, served on a few long tables in the shade or under umbrellas, or they could prepare delicious picnic baskets and everyone can unfold their blankets and eat under the trees.

In the case of a grand manor house, why not serve a lunch, or dinner, of roasted pig with all the trimmings and have the staff dress up in period costumes. Your guests could be asked to wear Tudor costumes and you could sit at the head of the table as king or queen. A band of musicians playing old instruments would be a nice touch. You could also fine your subjects for whatever reason you choose and command them to perform a song or tell a funny story that’s to your liking. If not, they must down a shot!

A Hollywood Cocktail Party

Send out glitzy invitations for your Hollywood party. Tell your guests to dress up in the swankiest Hollywood attire they can find – fur coats, top hats, feather boas, long cigarette holders, you name it!

Roll out a red carpet at the entrance of your venue for your guests to walk down as they arrive and have a photographer take their pictures. Let bow-tied waiters serve chilled champagne or Hollywood inspired cocktails, and have 1930’s big band and jazz music playing. During the evening your MC could award prizes for silly things your guests have done – laughing too loudly, walking around in a loud shirt, looking silly on the dance floor and so on.