57% of Pregnant Women “Brought to Tears by Tiredness”

57% of Pregnant Women “Brought to Tears by Tiredness”

Pregnant ladies are told to ‘save up on sleep’ but the majority of new Mums are brought to tears by motherhood even before the baby arrives, a new sur

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Pregnant ladies are told to ‘save up on sleep’ but the majority of new Mums are brought to tears by motherhood even before the baby arrives, a new survey has found.

A poll of parents by the bed retailer Happy Beds found that 20 per cent of women had their sleep ‘extremely disrupted’ during pregnancy, with 9 in 10 suffering to some degree. Fifty-seven per cent were brought to tears by tiredness during their pregnancy.

However, the survey found Mums weren’t suffering alone, and many partners of pregnant ladies were doing all they could to help out. Four in five partners said they felt sorry for their other half’s sleep problems, and many did a variety of duties to help them sleep more comfortably.

To help their pregnant spouse sleep, a quarter of partners went to bed earlier than they would normally, while 25 per cent opened windows in cold rooms despite not being warm themselves. Thirty-five per cent massaged their partner’s back to make them more comfortable, while three in 10 reassured them in the middle of the night to coax them back to sleep.

A third of partners gave up completely on sharing a bed with their other half and cleared out to sleep on the sofa or in a spare room.

Some partners weren’t helping out however – 15 per cent of pregnant Mums had their sleep disrupted by a snoring spouse.

Joy Richards, Sleep Specialist at Happy Beds said:

“It’s ironic that the time women need to sleep the most is a time when it’s often the hardest.

“Trouble sleeping is something almost every pregnant woman goes through, for all kinds of reasons, from physical discomfort to worries on the mind.

“A bed or mattress that has been comfortable for many years can suddenly feel like the most uncomfortable place in the world, and it can leave women – and their partners – feeling helpless.”

More than four in 10 women also suffered from morning sickness – but rather than waking feeling queasy, the nausea would strike at night, keeping them awake.

Three quarters had much more difficulty dragging themselves out of bed each morning when they were pregnant.

Interestingly, many respondents believed their sleeping environment could be affecting their sleep; more than half said that a better mattress would help them sleep better.

Top ten things that keep pregnant mums awake at night

  1. Being unable to turn over when you want to
  2. Heartburn
  3. The baby moving
  4. Being too hot
  5. The baby kicking
  6. Restless legs
  7. Sore hips
  8. Feeling sick
  9. Worrying if the baby will be healthy
  10. Partner snoring

So how can this be overcome? There are special pillows which can help positioning which can make a difference. Also, while sex may be uncomfortable, pregnant women can use sex toys safely which might help relaxation and tension.