5 value-enhancing tips before selling your house

5 value-enhancing tips before selling your house

When you're getting ready to sell your house or flat, you could either try to secure a buyer without making any changes to the property or you might b

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When you’re getting ready to sell your house or flat, you could either try to secure a buyer without making any changes to the property or you might be interested in taking some steps to improve the appearance before selling. The latter approach can sometimes boost the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers and therefore enhancing the sale price.

Although it’s not essential to make any changes to your home, and many reputable property buyers like LDN Properties will make cash offers to purchase houses and flats as they are, you may be able to enhance the value of your property by following five simple tips.

Make updates to your bathroom or kitchen – Buyers often place great emphasis on the quality of your bathroom or kitchen when looking at purchasing, because these are two of the most-used rooms in the house. You could make minor changes to the appearance of the rooms, or even do a complete overhaul to modernise them – either way, the more you can do to make your bathroom and kitchen look attractive, the more they will enhance the sale value.

Upgrade your doors and windows – Another relatively simple but effective step to take is to upgrade and replace your windows and doors in your house or flat, and to do this for doors both outside and inside. Nobody wants to see peeling paint or cracks in doors and windows, and if they look in a poor state then it will turn buyers off. Replacing these fixtures can be a low-cost but highly effective way to make your home more appealing.

Overhaul your garden – You can consider overhauling your garden for a small investment to help enhance your property’s overall value. If you have lots of weeds and overgrowth, or a messy layout in the garden, potential buyers might lose interest. But if the garden looks neat, it may help to generate excitement about buying your home.

Invest in double glazing for your windows – This is a somewhat higher-cost option for increasing your home’s value, but it is effective. Double glazing can help to reduce noise from outside while also making the inside of the home warmer. For these reasons, double glazing is often appealing to buyers and can boost the value of your property.

Use existing space to create another bedroom – Sometimes you can make value-enhancing changes without investing much, if any, money. For example, consider tidying your attic and making it into another bedroom. This should immediately help to boost your home’s value.

Is it always necessary to enhance a house before selling?

Not always, and the tips above are just guidelines for steps you might want to take to make your house or flat more attractive to potential buyers – but they’re not required.

Indeed, you have a number of options for selling your house “as is” without any enhancements. You could try the traditional route of instructing an estate agent to sell your property, and they will take care of listing, marketing, and arranging viewings for it. However, selling this way is very unpredictable, because your home may be on the market for weeks or months. And there’s no guarantee of what the final sale price will be as a buyer might want to negotiate a lower purchase price than the price for which you first listed the property.

Another way to sell a home without implementing value-enhancing ideas is through auction. This has the benefit of giving you a precise date for selling your house, because it will be sold on the day of the auction. However, the big gamble here is the final sale value that you’ll achieve. Auctioneers tend to encourage sellers to make the opening minimum reserve bid very low in order to generate interest in the house and prompt competitive bidding. If this works, it can push the sale price up significantly. Do bear in mind that the listing may attract little interest and you’d have to settle for accepting the reserve sale price even if it’s lower than you’d like.

A third, and much simpler, option is to work with a property buying company like LDN Properties. Founded in 2003, they have experience with buying houses and flats as they are without the need for any enhancements. They will make quick and competitive offers to buy without any fees, so not only could you secure a fast sale if urgency for selling is your top requirement, but you’ll also keep all the profit from the sale without paying costs to anyone.