4 Things to do Before You Travel

4 Things to do Before You Travel

Airfare, hotel accommodation and car hire may be the big three of travel preparation, but having these aspects of your trip sorted is just the beginni

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Airfare, hotel accommodation and car hire may be the big three of travel preparation, but having these aspects of your trip sorted is just the beginning of the planning process. If you want a seamless, hassle-free trip (who doesn’t), performing essential tasks such as researching your destination details, managing your budget and putting your home in order is a must.

So while you get excited about the opportunities awaiting you on your trip, don’t ignore the basics. Ensure you do the following.

Plan your first day- ahead

The first day of your trip is usually overtaken by logistics and unfamiliar surroundings. First, you have to tug you and your luggage to a resting place. You don’t want to be caught unawares the first night, so study your destination, the nearest accommodation- if you can, make reservations before you arrive. It saves a ton of work and you will be thankful you did.

After you have settled into your accommodation, take a short walk around. This doesn’t only help you get familiar with the surroundings, it can shake off jet lag. Also, look up facilities like the closest store, restaurants or entertainment centres. If you are like me, a rooftop lounge where you can relax and get a vantage view of the area is a great way to cap off your first day.


Manage your finances

If you are travelling locally, pay a visit to your bank before you leave. It is vital to always have some cash on you. This will prevent you from running short and searching for an ATM on the first day. Furthermore, you reduce excessive ATM surcharge from a different bank. To make things easier, visit your bank’s website and identify the nearest ATMs at your destination.

For an international trip, ensure you purchase foreign currency before you travel. If you are unable to do so for some reason, do it immediately you arrive at your destination (airport). It is more cost-efficient to obtain foreign currency when you are not pressed by urgency.

Secure your home

Whether you are travelling for a few days or months, it is best to put you home in order before you leave. This means taking care of stop orders and advance payments, halting any major renovations, handing your pet to a trusted neighbour and similar checks.

Put a call to the post office and have them hold your mail for the period. If you have a newspaper subscription, do the same too. Also, ensure your home is proper secure. Ryan from KC Worthing Locksmiths states ‘It is vital to make sure your home is secure if you’re going away for a long period of time, KC Locksmiths can help you do this.’

Check the weather

The weather is a major factor likely to affect your trip positively or negatively- many people take it for granted. It may be summer in Italy and you expect it to be warm, however nothing is as unpredictable as the weather. Check online forecasts, or if you have friends at your destination, ask them about the weather conditions. Being well informed will make you better prepared.


Enjoy your trip!