4 marketing trends moulding the telecoms in 2020

4 marketing trends moulding the telecoms in 2020

A new year brings new and exciting change for many businesses and the telecoms industry is no different. 2020 is set to offer plenty of trends for tel

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A new year brings new and exciting change for many businesses and the telecoms industry is no different. 2020 is set to offer plenty of trends for telecoms, some that marketers might want to take note of.

The new decade comes with new, exciting technology and trends that will shift the market. So, what do marketers need to know for the new year? Here is your guide to marketing trends moulding telecoms in 2020.

The rise of 5G

The demand for 5G communications is set to continue in 2020, and for good reason. Thanks to improved technology, the world today is ever connected, which has led to increased demand for faster connections and high-speed data. According to Statista, the number of 5G connections is set to reach a whopping 2.61 billion in 2025.

For the telecoms market, 5G is not a trend to ignore. With 5G becoming more mainstream, telecoms marketers must look to capture on this trend. Telecoms will become technology distributors as well as service providers, providing a range of marketing opportunities for multiple different markets.

B2B Influencers

There’s no denying influencer marketing has completely transformed promotion. This past decade has seen many internet influencers arise on social media platforms, promoting products and services for many B2C brands. However, influencers aren’t only reserved for B2C companies – 2020 is set to become the year for B2B influencers.

The rise of B2B influencers is apparent and the B2B telecom industry is not isolated from this trend. For telecoms marketers, taking advantage of B2B influencers is a must and it’s important to tap into the people your prospects are actively listening to. Influencers give a sense of proof that your product or service is worth supporting, and helps prospects become more likely to purchase from your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation

Artificial intelligence is used in many aspects of business, including telecoms. For marketers whose goals are to improve on customer service in 2020, AI technology is a must. AI technology allows virtual assistants and chatbots to be run smoothly and give customers another method of communication with your business.

But the benefits don’t stop there. With the use of predictive analytics, AI makes it possible for telecoms businesses to gather business insights from the data they gather every day. In turn, your marketeers can produce informed marketing plans and strategies as a result of this data that are more likely to be successful.

Cloud computing

The cloud has allowed many telecoms businesses to provide a range of new services and in 2020 this is no different. For example, Voice, Data And Mobile Services By Gamma give your business, scalability, reduce costs and allow you to adjust to market demands more effectively.

In 2020, connectivity is set to become even more important and cloud computing enables you to do just that. Cloud systems will become a necessity for businesses, due to its efficiency, scalability, flexibility and the many other benefits it can provide.