4 Easy and Quick Ways to Make Money from Home

4 Easy and Quick Ways to Make Money from Home

The ability to make money from the comfort of our own home has always been an appealing prospect for most of us, but the number of people actually pur

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The ability to make money from the comfort of our own home has always been an appealing prospect for most of us, but the number of people actually pursuing this dream is low. It seems that taking that leap of faith from unemployment to self-employment is too risky for some people, who would rather stick with their 9 to 5 job that they don’t enjoy, nor get paid enough to do.

With COVID-19 disrupting the job market, you might have found yourself in an insecure and precarious position regarding your job security and guaranteed income. Now might be the best time in your life to bite the bullet and commit yourself to making money from home, according to your own terms. However, relying on yourself to make an effort to seek out money making opportunities online, and being capable of independently completing this workload will take time to adjust. If you haven’t already got an idea of how you can earn a living whilst technically unemployed by a traditional company, check out our top easy and quick ways that you can make money from home!

Sell Your Skills Online

If you’ve previously been employed in a job where you have developed a certain skill, or where it has led you to learn about niche areas that people are looking to further their knowledge within, you possess an extremely valuable attribute. You can use this skill or knowledge area to write an ebook, lead webinars, tutor and conduct freelance consultancy work for other businesses. Once you have your foot in the door with one customer or company, you are bound to be hired for your services elsewhere.

You should advertise yourself on LinkedIn, and begin by offering your knowledge online for free to a limited number of people, as either a webinar or a one-on-one mentoring session. Through word of mouth, you are bound to attract more people looking to develop their own knowledge or skills, which you can begin to charge people for as you are using up your time. The hardest part about this type of role is valuing yourself and knowing how high you should price yourself and your advice.

If your skillset isn’t something that you know how to teach, or you’re looking to develop a client base that can utilise your skill rather than learn it, you should check out websites where you can be employed to carry out a one-off task for a business or individual. These online platforms, like Fiverr, are market places where you can sell and buy small services performed by individuals. For example, a self-employed individual may be seeking a logo designer and web developer for their new start-up company, or a busy celebrity may be searching for a ghost-writer to write their biography for them. You never know, your talent, skill or knowledge base could be in high demand!

Buy and Sell Online

One of the most obvious ways that you can make some money at home is to declutter your house and get rid of anything that you don’t need (that is still in good condition), by selling it on websites that host selling platforms, such as social media marketplaces and eBay. It is particularly worth selling your old technology too, as some tech ‘nerds’ may want to buy your retro games console that is now rare to find online – not that you were probably aware! Before uploading any items and setting a price, you should do some market research online to see how many other people are selling your item, and what the average price of the item is. You never know, you may have a secret fortune hidden away in your attic.

If you’ve got a knack for picking up items cheap in second-hand stores and you love shopping, you might want to consider setting up an online shop on Etsy. You can curate beautiful sets of antique furniture and small knick-knacks, which could sell for a lot more money online than the price that you paid when purchasing in-store at the antique shop. This is because the items or furniture that are commonly found where you live, might not be ‘the norm’ elsewhere in the world.

Online Casinos

Gambling and betting often get bad press. It’s easy to see why this is, when there are plenty of horror stories where gamblers have lost half their fortune, or even their house, in casinos. However, many of these gamblers are unaware that there is more to betting and gambling in casino games than just luck. Some casino games involve maths and logic, which is beyond the realm of many average casino goers who gamble after a few drinks and enjoy the risk of betting without paying much attention to how the game should be played to win. If you’re willing to commit yourself to learning the odds and technicalities of casino games, as well as practicing on a daily basis to improve your skills, you might want to consider placing bets.

You don’t need to dress up and head out to a casino, since you can bet and play from the comfort of your own home with top casino sites. Once you’re confident in your casino gaming skills, you should check out websites with the best online casino reviews, so that you are placing your money and playing on a credible website. Top Dog Casinos have done the hard part for you, as they’ve researched the best websites with reputable casino games, and listed their selection of online casino reviews. You can trust that a site like this will refer you to credible online casinos that have the best games and plenty of benefits for its customers, without any risk of foul play.

Online Surveys and Reviews

Whilst this isn’t exactly thrilling, completing online surveys is a job that you can do from anywhere, without having to pay much attention to what you are actually doing. However, it is quite mind-numbing and you shouldn’t rely on this as your main source of income. This sort of task should be a side job that you can do when you need to boost your bank balance a little. Similarly, you can be paid to review new websites, and to test certain features on apps.

The latter job is certainly more exciting and stimulating than simply filling in surveys with data. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have previous experience working with technology. In fact, most app developers and website designers are specifically targeting their work to be accessible to people like you, who aren’t very tech-savvy. If you do happen to be a tech whiz, you might want to offer your suggestions and utilise your technological knowledge to give them constructive feedback. Who knows, this might actually lead to more opportunities for you in the future.

You might have niggling doubts at the back of your mind that tell you that you’re being irrational by making an irresponsible decision, but making money beyond the ‘normal’ conventional job framework can have a significant impact. You could make a big improvement to your lifestyle and mental wellbeing by having more time to do the things you love, and choosing how you work.