3 Teams Most Likely to Win the Scottish Premiership 2021 – 22

3 Teams Most Likely to Win the Scottish Premiership 2021 – 22

Can the outcomes of a major football league such as the Scottish Premiership ever be predicted at such an early stage with any accuracy? The answer is

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Can the outcomes of a major football league such as the Scottish Premiership ever be predicted at such an early stage with any accuracy? The answer is debatable, but there is no denying that expert predictions are getting very good these days. This is happening because a combination of intelligent software, easier access to relevant information, and a genius understanding of the game are all coming together.

So, what are the predictions for this year’s winner? It differs a bit, depending on who is making the predictions, but most bookmakers and Scottish football experts agree that these three are the most likely candidates to win the 2021 – 22 Scottish Premiership.


The last Scottish Premiership (2020 – 21) was won by the Rangers after they sealed the deal by winning 4 – 0 against Aberdeen on the 15th of May 2021. Their unbelievable performance throughout the season created some astounding records.

  • Ever since the Scottish Premiership was first founded in 2013, this was the first time that any team other Celtic won the league.
  • Rangers did not lose a single one of their 38 matches (six draws) and emerged as the unbeaten champion with 102 points.
  • Due to their unbeaten streak and massive point advantage, the winner was decided with six games still remaining (fastest ever in the league).
  • After winning what was Rangers’ 55th Scottish club title, they became the world’s second most successful FIFA football club in the world.

Despite last season being their first win in the new Scottish Premiership, it should be noted that Rangers F.C. is one-half of the Old Firm, alongside Celtic F.C. The fact that The Light Blues might go on to win the 2021 – 22 season too is something that is both highly anticipated and likely.


If the Rangers had an arch-nemesis, then that would be Celtic F.C., which is why the matches between them are among the biggest derbies in the world. To say that Celtic has a chance at winning the Cup this year is a gross understatement since they were the unbeaten, seven-time champions until the last season! If you are even remotely familiar with recent Scottish football, then you already know that every one of the league championships since the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League merged in 2013 has been claimed by Celtic.

Having said that, The Hoops will need to bring their best game forward if they wish to halt the Rangers. Not that they lack the history to draw that much-needed inspiration from. Fans will be lining up in their Celtic football shirts this year by the tens of thousands, so make sure you show your support by wearing yours. You could also invest in one of the many retro Celctic tops available to remind your team that not only can they do it, they have already done it several times before.

There are many amazing retro Celtic shirts from the previous seasons for fans to choose from, but the Away and Home retro Celtic tops worn by The Celts during their 2018 – 19 Scottish Premiership may just hold the most value. After all, that was the year when Celtic won the Old Firm Derby at home against the Rangers (1 – 0) and went on to win the Scottish Premiership with a hefty lead of nine points, and +2 goal difference over The Teddy Bears.


Aberdeen is, without a doubt, one of the best teams in Top Tier Scottish Football, but they have not yet managed to win a single Scottish Premiership, unfortunately. Having said that, they have held the 2nd position for 4-years in a row, between 2014 – 15 and 2017 – 18. Only held at bay by The Celts, The Dons did not let even The Light Blues get in front of them during those years.

The club did lose their way after that, failing to secure even the 3rd position on The Premiership Table since the season of 2017 – 18. Some experts are of the opinion that Aberdeen is only hoping to get back into the top three after three bad seasons, but fans would be hoping for an even better result. After seeing Rangers break the chain last season, Aberdeen fans would be hoping that perhaps their club can pull something similar for them as well and win what would be Aberdeen F.C.’s first Scottish Premiership.

Keep in mind that this list is not about disheartening the fans of other potential winners such as Hibernian and Hearts by any means. Nevertheless, it is going to be tough for any team in the Premiership to break through these three and find their place on top of the league this year.