10 Tips To Make Better Fundraising Videos

10 Tips To Make Better Fundraising Videos

In today’s world, the most effective method to share your nonprofit organization's story is through a video. When done correctly, videos can help your

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In today’s world, the most effective method to share your nonprofit organization’s story is through a video. When done correctly, videos can help your company & its supporters form a powerful bond. When it comes to finding innovative and inspiring methods to tell your nonprofit’s story, fundraising videos might be a great solution. Video fundraising can do a lot quickly and can effectively help you achieve your objectives.

Why should you make a fundraising video?

Here are some reasons why your fundraising project should start creating videos right now:

  • Anyone with a camera and connectivity can now produce a video with the help of an online video editor. Authenticity and appealing images can be conveyed through brief and targeted videos.
  • Videos are expected to be a part of every marketing strategy..
  • Adding quality video to your communications mix adds immediacy and excitement while also increasing overall impact. In a way, well-made videos can help emotionally connect with your audience.
  • Videos are almost as good as a physical presence, thanks to the ability to deliver a human element that’s unrivalled for building trust and motivating action.

10 tips to make a better fundraising video

Videos allow you to communicate directly to a potential contributor and establish trust. But, more crucially, they make an emotional connection with the audience and can motivate them to donate even if they are unfamiliar with your cause. The small moments that link us together and remind us of our humanity are captured in candid recordings.

Here are our 10 tips to help you make better fundraising videos.

  1. Create a short strategy

Work on a focussed strategy to help you through your project. Start by putting together a strategy that encompasses pre-production, production, and post-production phases, whether you’re filming a brief advertisement or a long video.

This need not be very different from any other marketing projects you’ve worked on. You should start creating any marketing material after meticulously planning it out.

  1. Make it in line with your communication objectives

Compare your video concept to your communication objectives. Don’t just create a video just for the purpose of creating a  visual material. Examine your organization’s communication goals and the best tactics for achieving them to see if the video is a viable option.

  1. Study your target market

This is unquestionably the most important among online video production’s ten commandments. You design your website, or any other marketing material to appeal to your target audience’s desires and preferences. Apply the same principles to your video. Your network’s images, soundtrack, and content must all appeal to them.

  1. Make a list of your resources

Examine your resources so that they are appropriate for your concept. Actual production expenses and planned expenses are always inextricably linked. However, thanks to advancements in the latest technologies, as well as an increase in the number of online video editor tools, a great video can now easily be availed by an average NGO.

  1. Ensure that the video provides a clear and pertinent message

Keep in mind that your video must be clearly connected to the message communicated in the video. Before you begin video production, write down a brief summary of the video’s main content and objectives that you may keep at one place and discuss with the team who are producing the video. You’ll be capable of using it to make decisions when you use the online video editor.

  1. Choose a format for your video

The easiest video format to achieve is a video with smaller text content with no actors. This style consists of a sequence of static pictures, photos, and content that have been carefully organized on the screen with varied, smaller movements and conversion against an intuitive voice-over and melody.

The talking head; the typical interview with two persons sitting aside from each other or taking a stand; the factual; and the narrative approach with a fully written and prepared screenplay are all forms to consider.

  1. Pick a format that corresponds to your objectives

This is a simple concept to grasp, but it must be done correctly. Make sure the style you choose is appropriate for your objectives and you can achieve this easily with the most proficient video editor.

  1. Consider appealing to the sense of humour

Humour has its place, but it should be kept in check for the sake of your viewers. You’ll need the correct timing and a wide range of appeal. Before you go live, make sure humour is a part of your video for better engagement.

  1. To get feedback, work with colleagues and people of your target audience-You can show your video to employees, family, acquaintances, and those that symbolise your target market once you have an initial cut – that means you have finished shooting and most of the editing process. It’s vital to receive some more unbiased feedback. Compile, review, and revise the feedback.
  2. Make a strong call to action and keep track of the results

You’re going to fall short if you’re not using a clear call to action at the end of your video, as well as a trackable URL, email, and/or mobile number.  This link can be made clickable and make it very easy for the users to take action. By creating a separate landing page for this activity, you can assess the video’s effectiveness.

Final thoughts

Fundraising videos are fantastic marketing tools, but we are often held back by our fear of technology and doubts about our abilities to make something worth sharing. Don’t let that happen. As part of the storytelling strategy for your company, become comfortable creating and sharing videos.

Some fundraising films will perform better than others, and the more videos you upload, the more you’ll learn what your audience responds to.

Using various sorts of fundraising films to tell stories about your organization will introduce more people to your organization, provide existing supporters with a more full understanding of your work, and assist you to expand your donor base so you can do more good work and improve more lives.