Why Manchester Is Becoming Popular With Young Professionals

Why Manchester Is Becoming Popular With Young Professionals

With an exciting social scene and a world of business opportunities, Manchester has risen to the top of the ranks when it comes to the best UK cities

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With an exciting social scene and a world of business opportunities, Manchester has risen to the top of the ranks when it comes to the best UK cities for young professionals. From businesspeople to creative minds, the city is home to a vast array of young people who are making strides in their own industries, but if you’re considering a move to Manchester, you might be wondering whether it will be worth your time and money. In this article, we’ll be discussing exactly why Manchester is becoming popular with young professionals, and how you can make the move of a lifetime.

A Glittering Social Scene

Manchester is revered for its nightlife, and this attracts young professionals from all over the world who want to experience the very best that the city’s social scene has to offer. If you’re a night owl, then there’s a whole host of amazing nightclubs in Manchester that span a range of musical tastes. However, it’s not just clubs that succeed in the city – Manchester is a hub for all kinds of social sites, such as art galleries, museums, cafes, and restaurants. Some of the most popular social hubs in Manchester include:

  • The Comedy Store – a hotspot for comedy fans across the city, the Comedy Store hosts some of the nation’s funniest comedians and gives you a chance to see upcoming talent before they make it big. Grab some friends and pop along for a drink and a show!
  • Curry Mile – just a five-minute drive out of the city centre will bring you to Rusholme’s Curry Mile – a stretch of Manchester famous across the UK for its vast array of restaurants specialising in Asian cuisine.
  • Junkyard Golf Club – if you’re a mini-golf pro, or you’re just looking for a place to hang out with friends over a drink or two, then Junkyard Golf Club is the place to let your hair down after a busy day at work.
  • Breakout – a thrilling escape room experience perfect for adrenaline junkies or those looking for a weekend activity that’s a little different, Breakout will truly put your skills to the test.

This thriving social scene is one of the key reasons that thousands of university students flock to the city each and every year, and many of these students return after studying to search for graduate jobs. Even for young professionals who haven’t visited Manchester before, the city is still a popular post-graduation destination.

An Iconic Music Scene

From 60s rock and roll to 80s indie and 90s Britpop, Manchester has spawned a multitude of iconic musical legends like the Hollies, the Smiths, and Oasis. Thanks to the city’s glowing musical history, young professionals still come to Manchester to get a taste of the music scene that has captured generations. Even today, young Mancunian musicians are performing with newly-formed bands that are taking audiences by storm on a global scale, so it’s no surprise that their young fanbase are coming to the city.

Shop ‘til You Drop!

There’s a reason why Manchester has become home to some of the world’s biggest fashion brands – the city is a hub for all things creative clothing! With a rich history in textile production, Manchester has drawn in some of the greatest fashion-thinking minds who bring the relevant management skills to drive growth in the industry, and this clothing revolution provides ample opportunities for young professionals in a huge range of spheres. From online fashion influencers to those early into corporate careers, everyone in Manchester has easy access to evolving styles.


Year on year, Manchester ranks highly in the league tables as being one of the UK’s most affordable cities to live in, and one of the easiest ways to understand the impact of this, especially for working professionals, is to compare rental prices with those in London. For instance, the average rental price for a one-bedroom flat in Manchester city centre is £758.60; its London city centre equivalent is a whopping £1782!

Combined with a reasonable average salary, the cheaper-than-average cost of living in Manchester means that the overall affordability of the city is high. During the cost-of-living crisis, it makes moving to Manchester one of the smartest decisions that young professionals can make.

A Booming Trade Industry

Manchester has long had a successful trade industry, but right now the trades are booming more than ever before. From plumbers to electricians, it’s easy to find an experienced, qualified tradesperson, as educational establishments across the city have invested heavily in these sectors to secure the future of Manchester’s infrastructure.

For the young people who have moved into one of the city’s blossoming neighbourhoods, this investment offers great security; whether you need builders, electricians, or plumbers, Manchester has the answer. You can find a plumber for you effortlessly, wherever you are in the city.

Networking Opportunities

With such an influx of young professionals moving into Manchester, the networking opportunities that the city provides are vast. In fact, Manchester City Council has even put together a log of some of the many workshops, seminars, and networking events that are available to city residents with an interest in business. For young professionals, this focus on business success and personal growth is invaluable at the earliest stages of a career, so it’s no wonder that Manchester has young people flocking to the city.

Convinced? Here’s How To Make The Move To Manchester

If you’re seriously considering a move to Manchester, then there are three things that you can do to make the moving process as easy as possible.

  • 1) Research The Local Area

Like any city, Manchester has a variety of neighbourhoods and districts that can vary wildly in their professional opportunities, social scenes, and overall environment, so before you commit to a property and pack your things it’s important that you spend time researching the local area.

  • 2) Find A Reputable Estate Agent

Once you’ve narrowed down some areas within the city that you feel might suit your lifestyle, it’s time to go house hunting! No matter whether you’ll be buying or renting, the right estate agent can work wonders to help with this. Make sure to seek out agents with positive reviews and a range of available properties, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your dream home.

  • 3) Make Friends Before You Move

Finally, before you pack your bags and start the journey to Manchester, you should try to make some friends in the city prior to your move. Thanks to the rise of social media, this is easier to do than ever before, and there are plenty of social groups that are dedicated to life in Manchester, so you’ll be certain to find somebody who shares your interests. Remember to stay safe when speaking to people online, and always meet up in a public place.

Manchester is a vibrant, exciting city that’s an incredible home for young people across a range of different industries. The mixture of social and business opportunities on offer makes it the perfect destination for young professionals across the UK who want to work hard and play harder. If you’re considering making the move, then now’s the best time to take the leap – what are you waiting for?