How to Turn Ashes into Diamonds: A Post Burial Alternative Embraced by Modern Families in the UK

How to Turn Ashes into Diamonds: A Post Burial Alternative Embraced by Modern Families in the UK

Ashes into Diamonds souvenir rings Over the years, there has been an increasing demand in the UK for the introduction of new and improved alternative

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Ashes into Diamonds souvenir rings

Over the years, there has been an increasing demand in the UK for the introduction of new and improved alternatives to the existing traditional methods of post burial in the Death Industry. This is geared towards providing the bereaved with a wide range of unique alternatives like Ashes into Diamonds through which to commemorate lost loved ones and to evade the exorbitant prices charged for the average traditional burial package in the UK.

Turn Ashes into Diamonds: A Step by Step Guide to the Creation of Memorial Diamonds in the Lab

Ashes into diamonds creation requires a combination of different skills set.

Ashes into Diamonds are artificial diamonds born in the lab from the carbon content extracted from the ashes or hair of the deceased. Diamonds are basically precious stones made up of carbon in its most clear and crystallized form which makes turning Ashes into Diamonds a special way for most modern families in the UK, to send off their lost loved ones.

Creation of Ashes into Diamonds emulates the formation of natural diamonds in the earth’s crust over a long period of time under conditions of extreme heat and pressure. The difference lies in the mineral content required for each of the processes, the use of HPHT technology to create extreme heat and pressure in the lab and the shorter time frame required to create Ashes into Diamonds altogether.

The craftsmanship of Ashes into Diamonds requires a combined professional skillset to produce the gem from start to finish. Some of the careers involved in the production of Ashes into Diamonds include Gemologists, Technology Specialists, Lab Scientists and Jewelry Designers who visualize, plan and design the gem to be created, apply the HPHT technology in the lab and finally, evaluate the Ashes into Diamonds.

The process of turning Ashes into Diamonds in the Lab is as follows;

Step 1: Expert Ashes into Diamond vendors like LONITÉ with an existing branch office in London, UK use very specialized state-of-the-art equipment to verify whether the deceased’s hair or cremated ashes contain enough carbon to create Ashes into Diamonds; about 200 g of ashes or 10 g of hair are required and the carbon content of the ashes can differ in each case.

Step 2: The cremated ashes are then put in a specialized crucible and heated to make every other element oxidize, except carbon. The temperature is then raised further so that carbon can become graphite.

Step 3: A diamond seed crystal and graphite with a metal catalyst are put into the core which goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension. During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the ashes turned diamonds become solid.

Step 4: The process of Ashes into Diamonds creation takes 6 to 9 months depending on the characteristics of the Ashes into Diamonds ordered such as color, cut and size.

Ashes into Diamonds in the UK: How to Prove the Authenticity of your Gem

A LONITE Ashes into Diamond delivered with a GIA certificate

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult and very trying, sometimes leaving the bereaved vulnerable to exploitation of any sort. However, there are a few measures that have been put in place in the UK to minimize cases of fraud, eliminate second thoughts about whether the Ashes into Diamonds is genuine and to also assure the bereaved that the gem delivered by the Ashes into Diamonds company is actually made from the cremated ashes or hair of their lost loved ones.

Most Ashes into Diamonds companies provide their clients with a technical examination and a certification methodology of the source of the ashes turned diamonds. This includes a scientific proof based on the carbon atoms and chemical density of the Ashes from Diamonds.

One can also request the Ashes into Diamonds vendor to provide a certificate of renowned institutes like the Gemology Institute of America (GIA certificate) or the International Gemology Institute (IGI certificate) which are both reputable and reliable in the UK.

What are the Ashes into Diamonds Cost in the UK and How Do You Place an Order?

The  Ashes into Diamonds cost makes it a more affordable burial solution for many families in the UK compared to a traditional cemetery burial that costs about £4, 257 on average but can go up to £8,000  for  non- residents  in  some inner-city councils such as the Greenwich council.

The Ashes into Diamonds Cost is dependent on the size, color and cut of the Ashes into Diamonds ordered. Most Ashes into Diamonds vendors also provide for cremation jewelry ranging from rings, necklaces, to earrings in which to fit your Ashes into Diamonds.

The Ashes into Diamonds cost in the UK ranges from £2200 to up to £15600. Smaller Ashes into Diamonds have a less expensive Ashes into Diamonds cost compared to the bigger Ashes into Diamonds that attract a more expensive Ashes into Diamonds cost because they require more time to grow. Purely Colorless Ashes into Diamonds also require more technical effort to separate Boron and Nitrogen from the ashes prior to creating the gem thus a more expensive Ashes into Diamonds cost.

How to place an order in the UK:

  1. Contact the Ashes into Diamonds Company of your choice for an order form.
  2. Print and fill in the order form
  3. The company will scan and email both the complete order form and a signed contract after agreeing on your Ashes into Diamonds cost and its procedure.
  4. You will receive an order ID for the order tracking and identification and a free ashes submission kit with zipped containers and a shipping guide.
  5. Local collection of the ashes or hair can be arranged by contacting the nearest branch of the couriers used by the selected Ashes into Diamonds Company.

The popularity of Ashes into Diamonds has continued to rise in the UK funeral industry owing to a number of factors; Ashes into Diamonds offers permanent solutions to some of the issues previously affecting the industry such as immobility of graves, scarcity of burial plots in major cemeteries in UK and most importantly, the Ashes into Diamonds cost is convenient for the average person to afford a beautiful sendoff for their deceased.