How To Throw An Amazing Summer Cocktail Party

How To Throw An Amazing Summer Cocktail Party

Yes! Summer is just around the corner, and folks cannot wait to get the party started. But why summer? Because nobody wants to go to a party in misera

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Yes! Summer is just around the corner, and folks cannot wait to get the party started. But why summer? Because nobody wants to go to a party in miserable weather. So simply beat the heat and keep the guests entertained with these life-saving ideas to getting started on an unforgettable summer cocktail party.

Pick a theme

A theme could be anything, like bohemian or indie, all eerie and mysterious, an all-out nature experience, or flashy Hollywood glamour. Either way, the theme that works best for the host is all that matters. According to Event Manager Blog: “an essential element of every party is the best use of space and the easiest way to do this is by spreading your decorations throughout the space so people don’t perceive any central place to be”.

Choose a venue

The venue would depend on the chosen theme by the host. If they choose a bohemian or indie theme, it would be suitable inside or outside the house and could be decorated by lanterns, tents, flower crowns, boho pins, and dream catchers. If the theme is more mysterious, then a Halloween kind of cocktail party decorated with scary pumpkins and costumes works best. However, if they opt for an all-out nature experience then a trip to the woods would work well, decorated with pillows and carpets and a lot of vegan foods. For someone who is going for a fun theme, then a flashy Hollywood theme would leave them craving for more.


Have good preparation

Make it a point that three or four weeks prior to the party the invitations, venue, theme, food, drinks, host, finger food menu are all set. Check out these preparation tips to avoid being paralyzed by the thought of getting everything done perfectly and in time.

Set a program

Let guests stay long enough for them to really enjoy the party, and one way to ensure this is to prepare a list of possible discussion topics that would not bore them to death and avoid them glancing anxiously at their wristwatches. Set up games that will also keep them amused.

Guest invitations

No one wants to hand out an invitation to just about everyone. Keep a keen count on the people that are really close, such as relatives, colleagues, friends, and family. Give out a special invitation that will stir curiosity, leave them hanging and enticed with clues for them to wonder.

Play Host

Nothing makes a guest melt to a warm welcome better than making them feel at home by, whom else, the host himself! Greeting them before entering the door and leading them inside the house would truly make them feel that their presence is anticipated. Do not forget to ensure the drinks and food are situated close at hand.


Choosing the drinks

Choose and serve the best cocktails! Guests can choose from a selection of Martini, Margarita, Daiquiri, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan and Champagne cocktails. Spice up the cocktails with decorations like an umbrella or a lemon on the side, and serve all to have a variety of drinks to choose from. Get into the mindset of what drinks the guests may like and go from there.

Finger foods

A cocktail party is not meant to be a feast, so do not give the guests a highly calorific menu. Do not let them think they are about to binge. A platter of pizza wheels, Caprese salad, black bean cakes, sweet potato bites, and some amazing hors d’oeuvre can do the trick.


With a party in motion, stock up on and serve out those clear and specially designed cocktail glasses. Hosts can always look into a wide range of glassware including gin glasses which are perfect for those looking to partake in a drink or two.

Keep your cool

Stay calm and keep it. If annoyed, do not let the guests see the scowl, they might want to leave the party. Be prepared too, for any tools the guests may need at any time.

Set time for entertainment

Entertainment is the life of the party, so the chosen program is a cornerstone here.

Give party tokens. Arrange karaoke sessions to keep guests in the party zone. Surprise guests with a DJ ready to keep the tunes rolling. Invite one or two people on stage and share some funny incidents, or have role play skits featuring on-stage guests to everyone’s amusement.


With all these party-saving tips in mind, it is going to be a truly fun-filled summer cocktail party.