Some things to consider when buying VPS hosting

Some things to consider when buying VPS hosting

Shared hosting is okay for hobby websites, but most businesses need to move up to at least virtual private servers. VPS hosting is not a different for

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Shared hosting is okay for hobby websites, but most businesses need to move up to at least virtual private servers. VPS hosting is not a different form of shared hosting, it is a different type of hosting altogether, and so, normally, you need to do a physical move of the files if you are upgrading within a host.

Virtual private hosting is actually more similar to dedicated server hosting in many ways rather than cheaper shared hosting solutions. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing VPS hosting.

Is It Free to Set Up?

Normally, you can get a VPS hosting solution organised and set up with minimal technical help. In some cases, the web host will actually set the VPS up for you for free, as part of the package. If you are worried about the technical side, then consider this option.

Is Managed VPS Hosting Right for You?

There are some technical aspects to managing a VPS hosting solution. When you have shared hosting, most of the things that need to be done, such as ensuring that the server is secure, adding any operating system patches, and making sure that the server is running and performing sufficiently, are carried out by the host. You may not even know that they are going on in the background.

When you take on a VPS solution, you may need to take care of these aspects yourself, which may mean you need to have an outside IT support service work for you. Much easier is to get managed hosting such as at where the host deals with all of these issues.

Hardware That Can Perform to the Level Required

You can get superb server performance when you choose to move to VPS hosting. This isn’t always the case though. Some VPS hosts have outdated systems, so look for Intel Xeon processors, high-performance RAID controllers and enterprise class SSD drives. SSD is a much better technology than HDD and will mean that any applications you run on your website will be able to perform much better.

Does the Host Provide 24-Hour a Day Support?

Website issues can come up anytime of the day or night. You could be working on something and your website go down, and you don’t want to have to wait until 9 AM the next morning to get things sorted. Make sure that the host has 24-hour a day technical support to resolve any issues that come up, at any time of the day, on any day of the year.

Does the Host Offer Unmetered Bandwidth?

If you want to get lots of traffic to your website, then you need more than just good hardware. You’ll need to have sufficient bandwidth to cater for all of the activity that the numerous website visitors undertake on your server. You want unmetered bandwidth so that you don’t get charged extra as you move up in traffic numbers. Unmetered bandwidth will ensure that you can scale without any issues, downtime, or unexpected extra costs.

What Does the Host Control Panel Provide?

You should try and understand what the VPS hosting control panel offers you, and whether it is cPanel or Plesk. They are the main options available in the hosting industry. If the control panel is something other than these two, then you should find out why.

The established control panel options enable you to look after the security of your website, add and manage email for your domain name, and even one-click install WordPress and other content management systems. You should also consider whether you prefer Plesk or cPanel, as people do tend to have a preference.

Take Away

VPS hosting is sufficient for most mid-size businesses these days, and even small businesses should at least go for VPS hosting as it is more reliable, more flexible and more scalable than shared website hosting. Don’t assume that all web hosts use the same technology and are equal, as they do not and are not. Think about the control panel, technical support, bandwidth, hardware, setup costs and whether you need a managed hosting solution, and choose a provider that fits your requirements.