Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, announces the Introduction of Two New Addiction Rehab Programs and Upgraded Facilities

Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, announces the Introduction of Two New Addiction Rehab Programs and Upgraded Facilities

Sanctuary Lodge (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), located in Halstead and based on Hedingham Road is one of Essex' leading addiction rehabilitation centre

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Sanctuary Lodge (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), located in Halstead and based on Hedingham Road is one of Essex’ leading addiction rehabilitation centres, today, Tuesday January 31 2017 announced the introduction of two new rehab programmes and an upgrade in its facility.

Essex, London: 31st January 2017: Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, has announced the introduction of new programmes for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Addiction to take effect from February 14, 2017, after a meeting of stakeholders. The stakeholders unanimously agreed after the meeting to introduce the new programmes in a bid to accommodate more people seeking rehabilitation help.

This also comes following an upgrade in its facilities; including the addition of 24 double bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms.

A Statement from Sanctuary Lodge. Essex, CEO

While announcing the introduction of the new programmes on Tuesday, the founder of Sanctuary Lodge Essex, Dr. Eytan Alexander said,

“My vision for Sanctuary Lodge was to provide a contemporary and cutting-edge treatment programme of the highest calibre in luxury surroundings that did not cost the earth. I want every addict and alcoholic to find our treatment accessible and have the opportunity to heal and recover fully.”

Being a benefactor of addiction recovery, the CEO added, “Coming in to recovery myself and beginning my own journey of self-discovery helped me to develop an enthusiasm and powerful desire to help others into recovery.

He also noted that, “My vision was to create a sanctuary and safe haven whereby individuals suffering from addiction could access the best in contemporary treatment methodologies in an environment promoting love and compassion. I am fortunate enough to have been able to make this vision come true and have nothing but utter faith in the treatment delivered by a team of therapists that all excel in the field of addiction treatment.”


Speaking further on how the new programmes work, Patrick Douglas Hamilton, an expert in primary addiction, explained that the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is designed for the treatment of emotional and mental health.

Though CBT has been used by many rehab centres, Hamilton explains that Sanctuary Lodge decided to use another approach, especially in the treatment of depression, alcohol and substance abuse.

He stated that encouraging clients to take responsibility for their own feelings and emotions, effectively encourages them to challenge and change their way of thinking.

Since substance addiction closes the mind of its victim, the victims become painfully trapped in their emotions, wanting to do the same destructive act repeatedly. Therefore, with the latest innovation in CBT programmes at the centre, they help the victims understand the need to change their thinking.

Similarly, they are proud to announce that Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, DBT, is now a part of their programme. With this latest innovation, DBT at Sanctuary Lodge Essex, is designed to specifically carter for the needs of people who have a personality disorder.

“While we give credit to psychologist Marsha M. Linehan, who developed this method in the 1980s, we also wish to announce to you that our dedicated therapist here have put in so much effort in ensuring results,” Alexander stressed.

With the DBT, the programme was divided into four modules, which are; mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

More Capacity and Improved Facilities at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Moreover, Alexander stated that in addition to the centre’s already 12-bedroom lodge, they have added another 24 double bedrooms. This is intended to help them accommodate more people in need of help.

The new structure is designed in a way that will accommodate over 36 people without overcrowding, and at the same time make them feel at home. The bedrooms are also fully decorated and large enough to ensure proper ventilation.

Sanctuary Lodge Essex also cares for the relatives of their patients, which is why they have added a children’s play park, to make their patients feel happy seeing their kids. They also give their visitors the opportunity to walk around and explore their facilities.

“The new kitchen sized 25 by 15 feet ensures that patients get the best quality meals without having to miss homemade food.” as stated by a member of Essex County Council.

In addition, they have added a swimming pool which they hope to upgrade later, a football field, and a lawn tennis court. To ensure that patients are fully integrated into the society, they have added a mini skill acquisition centre, where they can learn new skills, including basic programming and computer repair.

With the newly upgraded facility, visitors and patients can now enjoy free wifi service during breaks, and a well housed home cinema, which comes alive on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sanctuary Lodge also wish to announce a slight change in timetable.  At Sanctuary Lodge Essex, they work hard every day to make sure that patients get the best possible interventions, in the best possible environment. The timetable changes will improve the possibilities for everyone.

However, like said earlier the new decision was taken after thorough consultation of stakeholders, which led to the introduction of the new programmes.

Alexander said, “Sanctuary Lodge Essex wants to use this medium to send appreciation to the public, families of our patients and our patients who are taking the bold step in winning the battle against addiction and believing that we can do it together.”


About Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, is led and run by people who are on the journey of recovery from addiction. The staff untruly understand the challenges, the defeats, the obstacles and the victories along the way. The facilities and treatments are designed to create the best possible environment for recovery. With new treatments and improved facilities, the CEO and staff are demonstrating their commitment to investment and continuous improvement, a philosophy that their patients are learning every day. Sanctuary Lodge is endorsed by Care Quality Commission (CQC) as supported by Braintree District Council.

For Further Media Enquiries about Sanctuary Lodge:

Please contact:

Sanctuary Lodge
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Local: 0203 733 6908

The CEO of London-based Addiction Helper, Daniel Gerrard and CEO of UKAT, Eytan Alexander are both available for interviews.

Sanctuary Lodge is part of UKAT .