New Zealand ‘.nz’ and ‘.kiwi’ Domains Hot in 2017

New Zealand ‘.nz’ and ‘.kiwi’ Domains Hot in 2017

The importance of high quality local hosting for a small and medium business is essential. While most online businesses used to champion the '.com' do

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The importance of high quality local hosting for a small and medium business is essential. While most online businesses used to champion the ‘.com’ domain, this is partly because for a long time there was a lack of local hosting/domain services that could offer the same reliance and powerful servers that could provide high speed cloud storage, VPS servers and instant technical support services efficient enough for companies to trust their infrastructure and track record. The speed of a server is of huge importance across multiple online industry types. Choosing super speed New Zealand hosting providers and even soon-to-be faster Australian domains could likely be the ‘next big thing’ in terms of opportunities for the countries themselves, British or other English-speaking businesses that could see potential for country-led domains and local hosting.

The morning years of the internet saw most developing online companies choose hosting and domains from their own local area – for the most part, this was in the West, and dominated by the US. As the internet grew with the online presence of businesses worldwide, there seemed to be more sense in trusting the already established international ‘dot com’ servers and infrastructure, paying a monthly fee for all inclusive administrative packages. The American ‘dot com’ phenomenon has meant that in addition to countries picking hosts and domains with local addresses and offices, the internet has meant that the English language has become read, spoken and written almost universally. This perpetuated two other factors – as a result of this domination of the hosting market, American companies can offer lower fees and more familiar infrastructure resulting in less risk due to their length of time and experience online.


While America is home to seven of world’s biggest hosting sites, the benefits of using a local-host are looking huge in the coming few years. Both the Australian and New Zealand government’s are focusing investment in better broadband, hosting and cloud services, meaning that the quality of NZ hosts are becoming massively impressive alternatives for local brands looking for local hosting across the antipodean continent, offering a wealth of opportunity for international online companies. The development of the hosting providers down-under are now a prime, English-speaking part of the globe that could hold a huge amount of opportunities for UK companies, whether specialising in E-commerce and trade, or huge possibilities for SEO and lead generation.

Benefits Of Local Hosting

The benefits of a local domain and local host are now widely undisputed, with greater customer trust, less transactional and contact issues, faster site loading to increase conversions and, as a result, higher SEO rankings.

Companies like Umbrellar and the domain registrar Free Parking now offer the full package; slick website templates that are fully optimisable on mobile devices, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) , that offer larger companies a fully maintained and secure space for their brand, impressive cloud hosting and the all important local domain name purchase. Umbrellar has brought together over 10 brands and domain providers to make it the largest and highest performing host in New Zealand. Umbrellar have strengthened their brand identity with infrastructure established since 1997, amalgamating big domain and hosting companies such as Digiweb, Free Parking and Webdrive. The combined forces of this move appeal; the familiarity of established internet presences coupled with a slick new interface, a hosting provider able to provide a secure 99.9% uptime guarantee to rival any of the global giants. Umbrellar are now the best all-in-one local hosting providers of not only New Zealand but their growing kudos will present opportunities across the eagle-eyed global market and neighbouring Australia.

With over 250,000 ‘.nz’ domains registered with 75,000 clients, the Umbrellar web hosting service is growing from strength to strength, and with the hosting company now offering the  ‘.kiwi’ domain, the future looks bright.