Moon Boot: The Best Footwear for This Winter

Moon Boot: The Best Footwear for This Winter

A legacy that keeps on giving since the 1970s, Moon Boot has effectively established itself as the coolest and the best footwear brand for this winter

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A legacy that keeps on giving since the 1970s, Moon Boot has effectively established itself as the coolest and the best footwear brand for this winter.

Winter is already here with the usual allure of the snow and winter sports. Even if you aren’t into skiing, you can’t deny the beauty of a snow-covered street. While the winter season has its fans and its critics, everyone tends to agree that it is the best season for fashion. After all, no other seasons offer the perfect condition to wear multiple layers of clothes, jackets, and accessories. However, when it comes winter footwear, not many get it right.

Snow-covered streets or mountains may look like the surface of the moon, but they pose some unique challenges for walkers. To start, they are slippery and freezing cold. To mitigate these challenges, many manufacturers often forget about the stylistic needs of their boots. Moon Boot is strikingly different from that. While they are fundamentally après-ski boots, they still manage to combine comfort, style, and efficiency in one single package; thanks to their intricate Italian craftsmanship.

Anyways, below we discuss the two key reasons why we think Moon Boot is the best winter footwear for this winter.

Moon Boots Are Always in Trend

Moon Boot is an Italian brand, founded in the early 70s. It was the moon landing that inspired its founder Giancarlo Zanatta to design a pair of boots that look like the ones worn by the first man in the moon. How cool was that!

The design took no time to turn into a fashion phenomenon, with everyone from ski-lovers to global superstars rushing to get their hands (or feet) on one of these unique boots. The boots resurfaced in the early 2000s as a retro-futuristic design and remained in style ever since. Thanks to the brand’s continuous innovation, it still remains the most fashionable winter footwear brand in the world.

Moon Boots Are Stylishly Comfortable

While the shape of the boots remained pretty much the same to evoke a nostalgic reminiscence of the moon landing, the brand offers a lot of different designs and sizes. There is also an abundance of colours to choose from – black, white, leather brown, red, blue, silver; you name it, and they usually have a Moon Boot in that colour. There is also some mixing and matching of colours, along with some nifty and gorgeous detailing.

The boots are perfect for the winter. The original upper is made using Cordura, synthetic leather or animal hide; whereas the midsoles are made using polyurethane foam and are covered by nylon fabrics. There is also a thin rubber outsole to offer unrivalled slip-grip; making them very comfortable to wear and walk in the snow.

So, as you can see, there is no comparison when it comes to the sophistication, comfort, and trendiness in a pair of winter boots. The availability of the classic and the urban line also makes them suitable for any social setting.