Margaret River Wins Lonely Planet’s “Best in Asia-Pacific” Destination

Margaret River Wins Lonely Planet’s “Best in Asia-Pacific” Destination

Are you a lover of stunning beaches, breathtaking coastlines, and elegant wine? You might want to pack a bag and hop on the next plane to Western Aust

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Are you a lover of stunning beaches, breathtaking coastlines, and elegant wine? You might want to pack a bag and hop on the next plane to Western Australia right now because a new spot just came up on our radar! 

The Lonely Planet’s annual Pacific ‘best in’ list has just named the Margaret River and south-western Australia as the number one destination to visit this year, putting the quiet town of Perth on the world’s stage! 

Sitting just three hours south of Perth in South Western Australia, the Margaret River is known for its long-stretching coastline, stunning beaches, award-winning wineries, restaurants and breweries, abundant farmland and tall-tree forest. World-class food and wine, coastal walks, gorgeous beaches, and exciting festivals, the Margaret River region has it all.

Top Things To Do In The Margaret  River

Visit The Caves

Margaret River is home to many remarkable caves that are a must see. They include the Jewel Cave in Augusta which has the longest straw stalactite found in any cave in the world and Lake Cave with its tranquil lake and amazing hanging crystal decoration. 

Margaret river cave

Coastal  Hike

Margaret River’s walking trails are world famous; bush walk trails where wildflowers blossom and of course the famous 140km Cape to Cape Track.  Whatever your hiking skill levels – Beginner or experienced – you will find a trail or track to match it. 

Go Wine Tasting

Scientists Dr. John and Professor Harold  ‘Discovered’ and identified Olmo Gladstones as an excellent grape growing region in the mid-1960s. In 1976, Marget River’s first commercial vines were planted by pioneer Dr. Tom Cullity. Viticulture is now an integral part of this region and the Margaret River region now has over 155 wineries 

Margaret River is famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blends and is one of the top wine producing regions of the world. Margaret River is also lauded as one of the world’s most conducive regions for the production of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends and Chardonnay. Any wine lover visiting region would enjoy going on a wine tour or two. 


Enjoy A Festival Or Two

The Margaret River is home to many cultural and food festivals that visitors to the area would enjoy immensely. Some of which include Truffle Kerfuffle, The Margaret River Gourmet Escape (now Western Australia Gourmet Escape), and Taste Great Southern.

Go Watch The Whales

If you are in the Margaret River Region anytime from winter to spring, you wouldn’t want to miss the stunning display of whales migrating from the Southern Ocean to the warm waters of the Kimberly coast. It truly is a sight to behold! 

Margaret River is doing its part to put Perth on the world stage as it continually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Some have so much fallen in love with the city that they have decided to relocate permanently. While you may not have to relocate to Perth, you will be doing your fun-loving, adventurous side a whole world of good by visiting and basking in the sun and san of Margaret River.