Is Your Business Operating Effectively in the Digital Era?

Is Your Business Operating Effectively in the Digital Era?

Technology is driven by innovation, as are many businesses. Technology is already essential in the day-to-day running of many companies, but it can be

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Technology is driven by innovation, as are many businesses. Technology is already essential in the day-to-day running of many companies, but it can be utilised further. Companies should begin to move past digital experimentation and instead embrace it. Technology can provide many new ways to conduct business, streamline processes and support overall business growth.

Digital transformation can present its own unique challenges as, if done correctly, it will be integrated with every part of the business.

Digital Marketing

Having a digital presence is essential for any business’ survival and success. The lack of an excellent digital presence has been a contributing factor to the failure of many start-ups and even longer-standing business who have failed to take their business practices digital. Online marketing can be incredibly effective whilst also being relatively inexpensive. Develop a clearly defined digital marketing strategy, including aims, tactics, and a way to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Many companies are active digitally, but they do not have a strategy, so they are underutilising the technology they have invested in.

A good website is crucial; it should be user friendly, optimised for search engine use, and mobile responsive. A website can sometimes be the first impression for potential clients, and so it should be made with that in mind. Social media marketing has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and it can significantly increase brand awareness in potential consumers. Digital marketing allows for business growth as it can put your business in front of a wider audience more quickly and cheaply.

Productivity Software

There are many contributors to business growth, such as customer service, revenue and keeping costs low. Technology can help in all of these areas. Productivity and efficiency are instrumental in reducing costs and boosting revenue which can then be reinvested into your business. Productivity software refers to a number of programmes available to businesses. These include things like communications software or using software to understand the markets that you operate in better. For example, the re.alto Energy API Hub has a wealth of data that could be used by energy companies to understand the requirements of their audience better. Re.alto consolidates the data from many APIs, which can be an invaluable resource for businesses.

The scope of technology available to businesses has expanded rapidly in the last few years, aided by the development of cloud and mobile technologies. Cloud-based apps are ideal as the up-front cost tends to be significantly lower, and they can also be ranged across different devices and locations. The key to utilising any software relies on integration, whether between various departments or different factions of data.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technologies can also provide a myriad of business benefits. If you consider the extenuating circumstances of the past year, many businesses would have struggled without mobile technology allowing people to work from home. Choosing to invest in mobile technologies can relieve stress within your workforce, promoting a healthy work/life balance which then leads to an increased productivity. It lets users complete a variety of tasks from virtually any location as there is full office functionality on the go. Workers can get more done when their workload isn’t dependant on them being at their desks.

A mobilised workforce helps a business to make the savings needed to maximise profit. As employees work remotely, more and more money is saved on the running costs and rent of an office space, especially if a business can exclusively operate remotely.  To maximise the efficiency of mobile technologies, companies should also invest in cloud solutions to allow information to be shared and accessed by all necessary staff which then permits collaborative efforts by those who do not share a physical space.


Whilst customer accessibility is one of the most significant benefits of operating a business in the digital age can come at a price. As the spotlight on your business grows, it can expose flaws. Perception is key, and any perceived slight can lead to a loss of customers; it is vital that you take responsibility. It may seem more straightforward to simply remain neutral on the issues (environmental and social issues are regarded as the most important), but inactivity can be just as bad. Depending on your business’s size and reach, it may be sensible to engage in activities that are beneficial to society and the environment to appease your consumers. Creating a brand that is appealing and aligned with the same values as its customers ensure new and repeat business.

To Conclude

When a business leader is clever with their investments in technology, they can adopt the right solutions for the demands and challenges of their business. Employing the proper technological advances is essential for growth and the overall success of the company.