How to improve your accuracy in golf

How to improve your accuracy in golf

Golf can be, simultaneously, a hugely frustrating and satisfying sport: that’s why millions love it. On a perfect day, you can find yourself in rhythm

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Golf can be, simultaneously, a hugely frustrating and satisfying sport: that’s why millions love it. On a perfect day, you can find yourself in rhythm. You’ll be striking the ball sweetly and judging putting distances meticulously. But on other days things just won’t go right. Improving your accuracy is one way to ensure you have more better days than bad though. Below, we explore how you can improve your accuracy.

Correct equipment

The correct equipment is crucial for accuracy. If your clubs are too short or too long, you might find yourself slicing or pulling your shots to compensate. This process begins with the driver. Accuracy is key at the start of the hole to ensure that you set yourself up to find the green. Buying the appropriate driver is therefore hugely important. And the same can be said for your putter and pitchers.

Take a trip to the driving range

Repetition is key for a sport like golf. The more comfortable you get with striking the ball, the more likely you are to find accuracy. Practicing on an 18-hole course is time consuming and unproductive though. Instead, the driving range can allow you to get many more shots in while aiming for specific targets. Visiting with a specific goal can be handy. If you want to become more accurate over 100 yards, you can aim for specific targets with every strike.

Swing speed

Your technique matters for accuracy. Adjusting the mechanics of how you strike the ball can make a big difference to your accuracy. Just take your swing speed for instance. If you swing fast and hit the ball hard, then it creates more backspin and sends the ball on a higher, loopier trajectory. But by striking the ball more slowly, you can create a lower trajectory. Ultimately, you should opt for the technique that will serve you best depending on the terrain and conditions with each hole.

Visualise your shot

A lot of golf is played in the mind. If you’re frustrated, then it’s easy to race onto the next shot to quickly correct your round. Rushing like this can result in you snatching at shots and falling further behind par. Instead, it can help to regain your composure and take your time. Try visualising your shot before you play it: this should relax your nerves and also allow you to plan how best to tackle this particular hole.

Improving your accuracy doesn’t have to be an exhausting process. There are quick fixes, such as visualising your shot and using better clubs. But you can also improve in the long-term with new techniques and plenty of practice.

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