How to Find the Perfect Office Space in Glasgow

How to Find the Perfect Office Space in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the best places in the world to grow or start your business. But there’s a downside to any place where businesses thrive: finding an

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Glasgow is one of the best places in the world to grow or start your business. But there’s a downside to any place where businesses thrive: finding an ideal office space that meets your needs and budget can be daunting.

However, such an exercise can be less stressful, especially if you have the right information and the right tools.

The perfect office space in Glasgow will make a huge difference for your business. The space you choose affects your daily business operations, your brand image and staff morale. Plus, it should also accommodate your future plans. You do want your business to grow, don’t you?

Your Checklist for Finding the Perfect Office Space in Glasgow

Determine the needs of your business

Before you can go out and view potential office spaces, determine what goal(s) your business needs to fulfil in terms of location. For example:

How much space do you need?

Your office space will depend on the number of employees you have, the type of workspaces that will enable them to work efficiently, whether you need other spaces (like conference rooms), the kind of business you operate and other factors.

As a starting point, consider that every employee will need 125 to 175 sq. feet for cubicles, while management will need 150 t0 400 sq. feet on average for offices.

Account for waiting areas, client spaces, conference rooms, copy rooms, kitchen, mailroom, break room, and so on depending on your business type.

Your workspace needs also depend on what kind of office you will be running. Will it be cubicles, open space or agile spaces?

As a general rule, you can estimate the surface every employee needs and multiply by your current employees. Then add 30 percent for additional areas and another 10 or 20 percent for future growth.

Your interior layout and parking

Don’t forget to account for interior layout, parking, hallways and corridors between offices and client space. The interior layout will depend on the workspace you choose, the meeting spaces you need, the different client services you offer, and more.

The parking space depends on the number of employees and the number of clients who visit your office. Ideally, the location of your new office should be easy to reach via car AND public transport. This will decrease the number of parking spaces you need for employees and clients.

If you find a location in the city centre, then you will have easy access to the bus station, subway, and the railway station. A location outside the centre gives you access to the railway station and bus stops. However, consider that the more central the location, the more expensive the office space will be.

Class of your office building

Glasgow has three offices, space classes:

Class A: This is the best office space you can find. It is situated in great-looking buildings that have an amazing infrastructure, easy access, great facilities and more. They are available at a steep price but are a great investment.

Class B: Though these buildings are a bit older, they have great facilities and management. They are cheaper than type A but they are also a great investment. They can be scaled up to type A with a few improvements.

Class C: These office spaces are a bit older and are in unpopular neighbourhoods. They require extensive renovation since their infrastructure is not up to date and the architecture is a bit wanting. They are, however, the most affordable.

Beautiful old-fashioned houses have a certain appeal, especially on customers, but a modern building will be more insulated and energy-efficient. They will also be built specifically for offices, which means they are more likely to fit your purpose.

Find the Right Price Range

Price is probably the most important factor when choosing a new office space. You don’t want to overpay, but you do want to find something that’s comfortable.

Keep in mind that the cost of your office space largely depends on its location. Identify the average cost per square foot, while taking into account the location, and the class of the building you chose.

Multiply this by the total amount of space you need. Add the maintenance fee for the common area plus utilities like electricity.

Can you afford it without putting a dent in your cash flow? Or should you settle for a refurbished space for the time being?

Identify the Space that Meets Your Business Needs

You have estimated the price and the must-haves of your new office. Now it’s time to find the space that meets these criteria. Find an office fit-out specialist or broker to help you identify the perfect property. You can also use online sites to find the property yourself, schedule inspections, walkthroughs and negotiate a lease.

A specialist or broker will provide you with insider knowledge of Glasgow’s rental situation, pocket listings and connections that could prove useful. They will also save you time and help with negotiations.

Tour Office Spaces

Once you have identified spaces that may interest you, schedule tours. Research the buildings before the tour, so you can ask the right questions.

It is also extremely important that you familiarise yourself with the properties that you’ve singled out as potentials by finding out if they have adequate and reliable security, how old the buildings are and what the available utilities available are.

During the visit, take note of the parking space, neighbourhood, other tenants, local amenities and other features that are important to your business.

You want your office to be in a safe neighbourhood, and, ideally, in one that fits your brand image. It should also meet your business objectives. A neighbourhood with a bad reputation will discourage customers and clients from visiting, and this could be bad for business. But if your business is mostly digital, you can save a pretty penny by relocating in an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

Consider easy access to amenities like restaurants and coffee shops where your employees can have lunch and where you can entertain clients. Consider banks, a post office and easy access to office supplies. Other additional amenities include dry cleaning services, a gym, cafes, daycare services and a supermarket.

Other things to consider include access to reliable network and internet services. You also need to factor in space for your storage.

Choose an Office

Once you identify a great office space in Glasgow, negotiate a lease and make plans to move in. Keep in mind that refurbishment works and paperwork may take a while, so don’t count on moving in next week.


When choosing the perfect office space in Glasgow, consider your budget, company needs, and future company growth. Look at the big picture: will the office space you choose allow for flexibility? Can you expand or do you have to relocate again in the future?

Consider the layout, lighting, parking, and whether customers, employees and clients can easily access the location. Everything else can be improved and changed when needed.