Government announce plans to reduce road accidents

Government announce plans to reduce road accidents

In order to reduce the number of deaths on the UK’s roads, the Department for Transport has announced a road safety action plan, with a particular foc

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In order to reduce the number of deaths on the UK’s roads, the Department for Transport has announced a road safety action plan, with a particular focus on the needs of the four vulnerable road user groups – young road users, rural road users, motorcyclists and older road users.

With road casualties and deaths happening every day – not just in the UK, but also around the globe – is it vital that the British government continue to put procedures in place to improve road safety. After the announcement of 74 new changes, the government’s plans to reduce road accidents are positively evolving in the right direction.

While the UK has had a good record of reducing casualties, the government have stated that the focus is still on those that cause them concern, such as young drivers and motorcyclists, as well as those that present road safety problems by refusing to obey the law.

Young road users

Awareness of safety on the roads needs to begin from a young age. Through education, the government want to ensure that from early on, individuals will not pick up bad habits and bad road behaviour. By awarding funding to develop educational resources, school-age children will be able to gain a deeper understanding of road danger.

Young adults

Young adults often face a lot of pressure growing up, which could lead to putting themselves and those around them at risk. Giving in to peer pressure and acting on impulse can be catastrophic, particularly if they’re behind the wheel.

In order to tackle issues that young adults face, the government want to introduce Graduated Driving Licensing in Great Britain. Along with many other examples, this will mean that individuals will have to meet certain requirements during the learning period and that once they have passed their test, they will be restricted to only being able to drive at certain times of the day.

By keeping the practical driving test up to date with technological changes, young adults will also benefit from a continually evolving driving test.


As seat belts are designed to help save lives – providing safety to everyone in the vehicle and other motorists – wearing one should be second nature. For those who continue to flout the law when it comes to wearing a seat belt, the government are considering imposing penalty points.

Safer motorcycles

For those that enjoy taking their motorcycle out with friends, the government will be delivering a Biker Safety Campaign to raise awareness on how to do this safely, while having fun.

While these are only a few of many positive actions that are to be taken, the road safety action plan will no doubt be welcomed by all road users, as well as those individuals that been involved in a car accident, and those that have had to make a car accident claim previously.