Five Strategies to Boost Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Five Strategies to Boost Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

With most industries now realizing and embracing the need for a strong online presence and digital marketing, lawyers have been quite late to the game

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With most industries now realizing and embracing the need for a strong online presence and digital marketing, lawyers have been quite late to the game in comparison. However, today, it’s impossible to deny that lawyers need to focus on improving their online presence if they want to gain more clients and improve their competitiveness. While they might have worked well in the past and still have good results today, relying on recommendations and offline marketing methods alone is simply not enough for the majority of law firms and legal professionals. So, what can you do to put your law firm on the map online and increase your client base?


First of all, you should invest in a good SEO agency offering SEO for lawyers. Chances are that you already know the importance of having a good website and perhaps have even invested in having one developed, but there is little point in having one if nobody is able to find it. Bear in mind that most people today go straight to Google when they are looking for legal representation. The higher your website appears in Google search results, the more likely your site is going to get visits and contact from interested parties.

It’s also worth looking into local search engine optimization for lawyers; this will ensure that you appear on the top few results in Google for services in the immediate area of the searcher. 12AM Agency offers a range of services including SEO for attorneys that will help you improve your law firm’s presence online. They understand how potential clients are likely to look for your law firm’s website and will put together a customized strategy for the best results.

Digital Marketing

There are various other forms of online and digital marketing that you can employ in order to boost your presence online and put your law firm in front of more potential clients. Working with law firm marketing consultants, you can figure out the best strategies to use for your firm, whether that includes PPC advertising, banner ads on relevant websites, guest posting on legal and other relevant blogs, and more. Whatever digital marketing strategy you choose to focus on the most, make sure that it is carried out in relevant spaces where you are most likely to find clients who are looking for your service.

Social Media

Today, social media has become a very useful tool for any business, including law firms. You can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to put more content in front of your potential clients and engage with them on a regular basis. The more you engage with your followers on social media, the more likely your firm’s name is going to be remembered when somebody is in need of legal assistance.

Don’t make the common mistake of using social media for promotion alone. While some promotional posts are fine, you should aim to keep it around 20% promotion and 80% engagement and sharing information that your followers will find useful. Consider starting a blog on your law firm website so that you always have interesting content to share on your social profiles.

Email Marketing

Once you have set up on social media and are using it to engage with and gain more interest from your followers and potential future clients, it can also be used as a great way to get their email addresses so that you can send targeted email newsletters. Email marketing might not always have the best reputation due to the prevalence of spam, but when you do it right, it can have some of the best results for your law firm. Once recipients have opted in, send information on a regular basis that will be useful and valuable to them, such as tips on the legal side of running a business or information on what to do in a divorce or custody battle, depending on the services that you provide and the clients that you are communicating with.

Segmenting and personalizing your email list is a must; this allows you to ensure that each recipient is only receiving relevant content from your firm.

Online Communities

Online communities have become an increasingly bigger marketing strategy recently, with Facebook groups being one of the most popular options. A private Facebook group allows your followers to come together in a space where they can safely ask questions, leave comments and engage with your brand. Communities are often a popular choice since they allow peers to help each other out with answering questions and giving advice when needed. And they give your law firm an exclusive space to engage even further with potential clients, with your brand at the forefront of everything.

While lawyers and law firms might be one of the last to embrace online marketing, there are several great strategies that you can use to boost your client base and grow your law firm online.