Create Your Corporate Apparel Program: Tips and Tricks

Create Your Corporate Apparel Program: Tips and Tricks

The corporate apparel of your company is more than mere clothing. It affects your brand at every level - employee, customer, and business. What is

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The corporate apparel of your company is more than mere clothing. It affects your brand at every level – employee, customer, and business.

What is a corporate apparel program? What are the advantages, and how should you plan for it? This guide unravels all you need to know. Keep reading.

Corporate Apparel Program : What is it ?

There are several types of corporate apparel. They can be professional uniforms that your employees will wear at work, but they can also be gifts to employees to reinforce their sense of belonging. Most of the time, in the second case, the flocked t-shirt or sweatshirt is offered to the employee on his arrival. But you can also decide to create corporate apparel for a specific event and thus mark the occasion.

Importance of a Corporate Apparel Program

Why is a corporate apparel program important to a business? Below are three benefits:

Builds a culture 

There is an excellent corporate culture among your employees when you create branded apparel for them. A dress code has the power to put your staff on the same page and level.

Promotes your company 

Apart from helping your employees bond better, branded apparel adds value to your business by making your customers trust you. When your customers also have your branded apparel, this keeps promoting your company anywhere they go. This is an effective and cheap advertisement!

Makes an impression 

The logo on your corporate apparel instantly builds an identity that the general public can associate with your business. Your logo is professional and thereby attracts potential customers. It communicates unity, seriousness, and cohesiveness about your whole brand.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Your Corporate Apparel 

Before spending money or even time on building your corporate apparel program, there are certain things you must consider. Below are some of them.


Corporate apparel can be customized using three key methods. They include digital printing, embroidery, and screen printing. For screen printing, casual clothes ordered in large numbers are the best. For full-color designs, digital print production is perfect. On the other hand, if you need to communicate elegance, professionalism, and high quality, embroidery is the best way to go.


Today it is very easy to find a corporate apparel supplier. Indeed, there are many sites that offer the design of plain clothing. You can embroider or print your logo and even your slogan on tee shirts or sweatshirts. However, we recommend that you go through a wholesaler in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of your corporate apparel program. If you want to offer a casual garment to your office workers for example we recommend you to buy on wholesale hoodies Wordans website for gift them sweartshirt or on wholesale t shirts Wordans website if you are thinking about give them some customise t-shirts.


Keep in mind what your company’s brand represents. It is your personality. Is it fun, reliable, distinguished, or personable? Know the image of your company. Use some clear adjectives that describe your company and include them in your apparel.


You need to decide on the kind of fabric you will use for your apparel program. If you need help with style and quality, you can also directly ask your employee. Always take into consideration who will wear your customized apparel and for what purpose. This will help you to make the right choice in picking the best fabric that gets the job done.

Adding a corporate apparel program to your marketing strategy is very effective. It is both cost-effective and creates an impression about your company. Remember to pay attention to the fabric, style, and design of the apparel you want to use.