7 Imaginary Passport Designs for Fantasy Countries

7 Imaginary Passport Designs for Fantasy Countries

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a fictional universe.  In an age when we’re regularly accused of having shorter and shorter atte

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There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a fictional universe. 

In an age when we’re regularly accused of having shorter and shorter attention spans, today’s sci-fi and fantasy geek actually finds herself committed to longer and longer form fiction. 

From the Game Of Thrones television epic that’s outrunning its literary progenitor to an expanded Star Wars universe in which spin-offs are generating their own spin-offs, you need far more than a weekend to binge your way from border to border of these imaginary municipalities.

So, just in case you should run into trouble in the wilderness, the people at Budget Direct have designed a series of special fantasy passports for when you hear that dreaded call: “Papers, please!”

Kingdom Of The North (Game Of Thrones)

Modeling the Game of Thrones passport is none other than the Howard Marks of the Ice and Fire universe, Arya Stark.

Officers at the border of the Kingdom Of The North might double-take at the short-haired boy with a girl’s passport, but they’re the least of her worries right now.

Tatooine (Star Wars)

Every dusty planet, it seems, has its own Jedi warrior in waiting – just as every lonesome Star Wars fan sees their home town as an uninspiring dustbowl. 

Just remember that some countries frown on you bringing unprocessed Bantha milk across the border. Best to drink it all down before you reach security.

Narnia (The Chronicles Of Narnia)

Passports for pets? You’d better not let Aslan hear you saying that. The King of Beasts and of Narnia has never refuted his fundamentally wild nature.

You’ll want him on your side for your trip through Narnia… it’s a jungle out there.

The Shire (Lord Of The Rings)

Who could blame you for fancying a ramble across the verdant hills and meadows of New Zealand – uh, The Shire?

Bilbo Baggins has certainly stretched his little legs over the years – and he didn’t even have the benefit of this rather snazzy 1970’s style passport!

Japanese Pacific States (The Man In The High Castle)

As real world borders calcify, British passports lose their value and walls threaten to pop up between entire peoples, Philip K. Dick’s novel – with the third series of its TV adaptation on the way – has acquired chilling new relevance.

Krypton (Superman)

Let’s hope Clark Kent remembers to take his spectacles off at passport control, or else the border guards will never believe that’s him in the photo…

Panem (The Hunger Games)

Uh, Ms. Everdeen – you know you can’t bring that bow and arrow on the plane, right?

With so many extraordinary universes to explore out there, sometimes you need your real passport on standby just to remind yourself where you’re from!