Khofiz Shakhidi: about the life, work, and hobbies of a famous entrepreneur

GTL Terminals Ltd chairman and co-owner Jefferson Capital Khofiz Shakhidi was born in a creative family. Composer Tolib and writer Gulifat were able to give the child everything necessary for a subsequent successful life.

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GTL Terminals Ltd chairman and co-owner Jefferson Capital Khofiz Shakhidi was born in a creative family. Composer Tolib and writer Gulifat were able to give the child everything necessary for a subsequent successful life. This is not about material values, but about spiritual. Read about the life of Khofiz Shakhidi in our material.

Khofiz Shakhidi was born in the family of a writer and a famous composer. Tolib Shakhidi is especially popular in two countries – Russia and Tajikistan. His wife wrote books like “My Neighbourhood Sisters” and “I am Looking Towards the East”. Proper education is an ideal investment in the future of the child. In the family of Shakhidi, this helped to arrange all three children in life – Khofiz, his elder brother Tarbiz and the younger brother Firdavs.

GTL Terminals Ltd: company activities

Established in 2004. GTL Terminals Ltd owns oil storage and transshipment terminals in Kaliningrad and Denmark. The company also rents them. Khofiz Shakhidi is chairman of the GTL. He said that the main directions the company works with are transport and merchandise logistics and financing of warehouse receipts.

Mr. Shakhidi made a great contribution to the development of the company, although he has not been working there since the day it was founded. When the entrepreneur took over as chairman, GTL Terminals Ltd began to operate even more powerful and productive.

By the way, the company is not independent, it is part of a large corporation. It is a global transport and logistics company PTE. Ltd. Singapore based company located in sunny Dubai.

What does GTL Terminals Ltd offer the customer?

The company provides transportation services. GTL provides transportation services by rail, sea, and road. It is about a collaboration between Europe, Asia, and America.

Did Khofiz Shakhidi want to buy GTL Terminals Ltd?

As it turns out, before the post of chairman, Khofiz wanted to acquire a company. Alas, he had to forget about it when GTL Terminals Ltd became private. To carry out the purchase transaction, the entrepreneur even created Belphar Ltd.

What was the big GTL company previously called?

The company was not always called GTL Terminals Ltd. Therefore, if you see news about Pan European Terminals PLC in an old journal or online media, then you should know that this is the same company. It is in it that our financial genius Khofiz Shakhidi is working now.

Jefferson Capital: who is Mr. Shakhidi in this company?

Investments, financials, investments in large companies. Khofiz Shakhidi loves to deal with promising projects. One of his most successful is Jefferson Capital. On behalf of this company, he can realize his ambitions to the full. By the way, Mr. Shakhidi holds the post of director of the company and is its co-founder.

Probably worth telling at last what the company is doing! Of course, the entrepreneur connected his life with a company that specializes in investment analysis. Jefferson Capital also includes risk management. The company’s services include trading in options and securities. This is not all the opportunities that the organization provides. Mr. Shakhidi explained that it provides its merger and acquisition of brokerage services, as well as financial brokerage operations.

Real estate in Monaco? Mr. Shakhidi about the new project

Jefferson Capital boasted a new project in Monaco. We remind you that the hero of the article is the co-founder and director of the company. The fabulous state will soon be decorated with new real estate.

The construction of residential space for social and luxury housing is envisaged. People counting on a more budget option will be able to purchase square meters. Mr. Shakhidi thought of everyone to create the best real estate.

The organizers of the project thought about the comfort of people as much as possible. For this, it was decided to create underground parking, new road connections, and universal commercial premises.

The pastime of an entrepreneur after work

If we say that Khofiz Shakhidi loves Chess, then hardly anyone will be surprised. All the same, all great minds love this pastime. But no one could have guessed that the businessman was losing his mind from skiing and playing football. It is an amazing fact that his hobby even led to participation in competitions.

What can we say, a talented person is talented in everything. This quote clearly fits the description of Mr. Shakhidi, one of the most popular entrepreneurs from Tajikistan.